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Worley the Weasel is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "The Great Race."

He is a teenage weasel who plots on getting a monster truck and uses every other kid's desire for the same thing to his advantage. He has them pay him money and tells them to choose their own route, and a few rules: 1. No wheels; and 2. Nobody else gets to know, or they'll be disqualified, and besides, it will surprise their parents (or guardians).

This ends up getting the kids in big trouble with traffic, as they are not using crosswalks and crossing busy streets, so the Danger Rangers rescue and lecture them, but while they promise not to do that again, they don't explain their purpose.

Meanwhile, Worley buys the monster truck with the money he and his henchmen had tricked the kids out of, and the purchase is final.

At the Monster Truck event, one of the kids, Pauley, is persuaded by the Danger Rangers to tell the truth about their dangerous pedestrian act. They catch Worley and persuade him to have their race on the outskirts of town, under the Rangers' supervision so as to keep it safe. However, behind the Rangers' backs, Worley has his followers put up false signs to mislead the kids. Rangers Sully and Kitty see Worley run last; however, because of the trickery, Rangers Squeaky and Burt see Worley arrive, but nobody else. This is confusing to Sully and Kitty. For some reason, Burble finds out about the false signs, and he catches two of Worley's toadies. Gabriela pays an entrance fee and quickly flies (the rules hadn't said no wings) and beats Worley, but he accuses her of tripping him.

Eventually, Worley and his followers are sentenced to community service as traffic guards at a school.