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The Wolf is the main antagonist of the 2001 Christian animated short film The Legend of the Candy Cane, despite having a short role.



He/it first appears after Julius, John Sonneman and Matt left East Sage. It then looks under a wooden porch with an ominous look on his face. During the next scene, his howls were heard by Sonneman. Then a mountain goat named Chester runs out of the tall grass fleeing in terror, implying that the wolf saw Chester under the porch and started chasing him.

After a long absence, it was seen again in the climax where he and Jane were standing on two rock formations coming out of different sides of a big hole they were in. After the other human characters learned about the situation from Rusty the Dog, Thomas Long volunteers to help Jane. After he volunteers, it then jump precedes to jump over to the rock formation Jane was standing on. But the wolf slipped and fell another one near the one Jane was standing on. After the rope got detached from Julius and fell in the hole, Rusty gives Chester a pep talk about getting through his fear of heights and wolves. Then he pushes Chester in the hole and then lands on the wolf, who get whipped a few times with the rope by Thomas Long. Then the Wolf lunges at Chester hungrily as Chester stares in horror. Luckily for Chester, Thomas picks up Chester and kicks it off of the rock formation, making the vicious animal fallfurther down the hole to its demise


  • The Wolf never appeared in the book the movie was based on.
  • The Wolf is the only character who never talks.
  • Due to the wolf throbbing at the mouth and how he wanted to harm people, the Wolf could have been rabid.