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Varga is the leader of the Ice Warriors and arguably the main antagonist of The Ice Warriors. He was played by Bernard Bresslaw who towered over the cast at over 2 meters tall.

HE was the leader of a squadron of Ice Warriors who visited prehistoric Earth. Their ship crashed and became encased at the foot of an ice mountain. Varga and his crew went into suspended animation until they were revived during the Ice Age of 34th century.

Varga was discovered and dug out by Arden's expedition. They brought him back to Brittanicus Base and started to thaw him. He recovered and took Victoria Waterfield hostage, forcing her to help him find the controls used to thaw him. He took her back to his buried ship and thawed his warriors.

He interrogated Victoria and learned about the base and the ioniser. When Storr offered his services to Varga, Varga killed him. The Second Doctor met with Varga and tried to convince him the scientists meant them no harm, but Varga was still suspicious of the destructive capabilities of the ioniser.

Varga and two of his warriors invaded the control centre of the base and forced Leader Clent and Jan Garrett to turn off the ioniser. Meanwhile, scientist Elric Penley turned up the heat controls, and the Doctor used the Ice Warriors' sonic gun to disable the warriors. The Ice Warriors returned to their ship.

Varga then attempted to return to Mars, but died along with the rest of the Ice Warriors in the explosion of his spacecraft when the scientists turned on the ioniser.