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Tyranicus Tiger is the main antagonist in the TV series Animalia.

Personality and Appearence[]

He is a sly smooth talking tiger who is the head of a large company similar to Shere Khan in TaleSpin who is head of a large company called Khan Industries. As well as this the tiger also has his own navy and air force. He devises various get-rich-quick schemes which usually backfire on him. He despises humans calling them "stink bugs" and also takes on a corporate identity and wears a cream waistcoat and striped tie and sometimes a fur coat that is also orange with black stripes. He thinks that he should be the ruler of Animalia and not Livingstone Lion

Similarities to other villains[]

  • He is similar to Scar believing they should rule their home and not the current leader. Also the head of their home are lions in Tyranicus' case Livingstone Lion and in Scar's case Mufasa.
  • The Shere Khan depicted in TaleSpin has a similairty to him as they are both the head of a large industry however Shere Khan is more successful having a fleet of planes and even his own navy. They also wear human clothing mainly suits