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The Toon Patrol

The Toon Patrol are Judge Doom's minions and the secondary antagonists in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The Toon Patrol[]


Smarty (also known as Smart Ass, Smart Guy or Wise Guy and voiced by David Lander) is the leader of the Weasels. He is ranked a sergeant by Judge Doom. He has brown fur and wears a light pink double-breasted zoot suit coat with a gold chain in the left pocket, a white dress shirt with a reddish pink, bedjewelled tie, a matching hat, and spats on his feet. His weapon of choice is a revolver, though in the bar scene, he is shown threatening Eddie with a switchblade. He is the smartest, cleverest, and wittiest of the weasels. He is also arrogant, bossy, and a bit fussy. Although very sarcastic, he is the straight-man of the group, possessing the most self-control and least "toony" attitude. While he is very antagonistic in the film, he seems to care about the other members of The Toon Patrol; he is the first to warn them about what might happen to them if they can't control their laughter. However, like them, he still enjoys a good laugh, himself. He commits a malapropism almost every time he speaks, such as when he says that a tip on Roger's whereabouts has been "corrugated" ("corroborated") by several sources. He is the third weasel to die at the end of the film, although not by losing control of his laughter. Upon disagreeing with a lyric in the song Eddie "entertains" the weasels with, Eddie kicks him in the crotch, sending him flying into the mixer on the Dip machine, where he dissolves and dies.


Psycho voiced by Charles Fleischer) is the most insane weasel in the gang. He wears an unbuckled straitjacket, has blue eyes with yellow and white swirls and his weapon of choice is a straight razor. He only has two lines in the film; he first speaks as he prepares to shoot dip at Roger and Jessica, when he says "Time to kill the rabbit" and when he waves "Bye-bye" after he dies. He apparently gets excited by the concept of killing, as he is heard gleefully laughing when Judge Doom kills the toon shoe in the bucket of dip; he is nearly drooling in anticipation as Smarty attempts to drive into Benny the cab, and he takes it upon himself to shoot the dip at Roger and Jessica. On a few occasions, it is implied that he enjoys pretending his straitjacket is buckled by hugging himself tightly, namely when he exits the Toon Patrol's car in his first appearance, and while laughing after Eddie stuffs a bar of soap into Smarty's mouth. He remained a threat after his death; he lost control of his laughter and hit the nozzle switch on the spray canon and fell, and trying to hang on something but hung on to the yellow handle which made the nozzle canon turn left, which resulted in him slipping off of it as his soul rose out of the warehouse. Then he turned the pressurized dip spray back at Roger and Jessica. He is the last weasel to die, not by losing control of his laughter, but by losing his footing and dropping on the giant rotating brush of the Dip Machine.


Wheezy (voiced by June Foray) is the smoking weasel, and has a mouth full of several smoking cigarettes. He wears a whitish mashed bowler hat in which he carries an additional stash of cigarettes, a black vest, a loose tie, and a wrinkled shirt. His weapon of choice is a Tommy Gun but he only uses it once in the film (when he shoots Eddie Valiant's door open), preferring to use physical combat. He appears afraid of dying, as he is seen unsuccessfully trying to pull his soul back into his body, although when it breaks free, it does not appear regretful. He has blue fur while his comrades have brown fur. If he doesn't have cigarettes in his mouth while speaking he has a deep voice and when he does he has a very raspy voice. He speaks twice in the film; after Roger and Eddie free Benny the Cab, and in the Acme Factory while tying Roger and Jessica up. He is the second weasel to die after losing control of his laughter and also presumably from too much smoking.


Greasy (also voiced by Charles Fleischer) is allegedly the runner-up for leader of the Weasels. He is Puerto Rican, and has long greasy black hair and dark brown fur. He wears a green zoot suit styled trench coat and trousers hiked up to his chest, partially obscuring a pink tie and white dress shirt, and spectator shoes; he appropriately resembles a zoot suit gangster from the L.A. "Zoot Suit Riots" of the 1940s. Like his compatriot Stupid, Greasy is overweight, although this does not appear to have affected his self-esteem. Of all the Weasels in the film, Greasy is most eager to fight, and yields a switchblade as his weapon of choice, though he is also seen carrying a semi-automatic pistol while investigating Eddie's office. Greasy is mostly shown speaking English with a strong Puerto Rican accent. Greasy is the fourth weasel to die after losing control of his laughter, and drops dead out of the cab of The Dip Machine. He also made the dip machine move because he lost control of his laughter and let go of the breaks when he fell out of the cab of the dip machine.


Stupid (voiced by Fred Newman) is the dumbest member of the gang. He is clearly overweight, while all the other Weasels are fairly slim. He wears a blue and white striped T-shirt, a red beanie with a propeller and white sneakers with untied laces. His weapon of choice is a baseball bat with a nail through it. He is so stupid that he is seen hitting himself over the head with his own weapon while laughing. He has one line in the film, when he excitedly informs Judge Doom that Toon Town is on the other side of the wall in the Acme Factory, which he and Wheezy are drilling open. He is the first weasel to die after losing control of his laughter and his body is seen clutching a lily.