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The toad

The Toad is the main antagonist of the Dreamworks-distributed Aardman film "Flushed Away".

He is voiced by Ian McKellen.


The Toad was a pet of the young Prince Charles who was given to him on his birthday. He and the prince were "inseperable" until he was given a rat for his birthday which sparked off his hatred for rats despite the fact he has employed about five rat henchmen. When the prince wasn't looking the toad was flushed down the toilet. And his hatred of rats leads to him to wash waway the rats in a tsunami and repopulate the city with an army of tadpoles.

The film[]

At first little of The Toad is seen only screen shots of his arm is seen. After a fly lands on his food he eats it, turns off the television off and shows himself to Roddy. He welcomes Rita and gets the ruby back from Rita and has his henchrats dispose of Roddy and Rita however after Roddy says he wants to get home The Toad listens and shows him his collection of the Royal Family which is ultimately destroyed because the collection is made of glass and so it shatters. The Toad then has Roddy and Rita frozen is a fridge with many other rats.

Roddy and Rita escape and Spike and Whitey end up frozen instead. They are released from the fridge and try to capture Roddy and Rita but fail. However they return with the broken ruby but The Toad no longer wants the ruby back and instead wants the master cable that Rita has stolen. He also says that Spike and Whitey need to be back in timefor the world cup final and is strongly annoyed when Spike asks him if they are watching the game together and screams at them to "JUST GET THE CABLE" and throws them out.

The rats try to get the cable but fail and soon the Toad says he should never have employed rats to do his job and wonders where his cousin Le Frog is. However he sees him and scolds at him for being late however Le Frog says he is fashionably late. The Toad says that Rita has stolen the master cable and he wants it back. The Toad then tells his story and is surprised that his own cousin finds his pain funny to which Le Frog syas that he "finds everyone's pain funny but his own". Annoyed the toad tells him to just get the cable.

Through a mime artist frog called Marcel The Toad manages to get his point across howevr Rita says that because the toad has wanted the ruby for so long she says that she doesn't have the ruby anymore but The Toad now wants the master cable which she is now wearing as a belt.

Later on The Toad gets the cable back and continues with his plan. He opens the flood gate and after his henchmen are out of action or frozern with liquid nitrogen The Toad asks whether he has to do everything himself and sets out to finish his plan. He grabs Rita but is unable to move after he stands on a pipe and freezes his foot and traps his toungue in cogs. He prepares to throw Rita off but Roddy using Le Frog saves her from drowning  and The Toad is seen tied up with a toungue with Le Frog and swears revenge.