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The Big Cat is an animal villain in Fun and Fancy Free.

Role in the film[]

Jiminy Cricket sings the song "I'm a Happy-Go-Lucky Fellow", but wakes the big cat up, and stops singing. Jiminy thinks that the cat bet he will find trouble. The cat meows furiously and chases Jiminy, who is so scared that he fears that he is about to get eaten. Jiminy runs away from the cat, who chases after him. Jiminy runs as fast as he can and finally runs inside the darkness of a strange room and slams the door at the cat. Jiminy is finally inside, but knows that the cat is still behind the door, and scowls at Jiminy. Then Jiminy makes a decision, and pretends to be an angry dog, and barks out loud at the cat, who screeches, and flees in fright. At last, Jiminy is safe.