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Terror Birds were large, carnivorous, flightless birds from between the Early Pliocene and Early Pleistocene epochs of the Cenozoic era.


Terror Birds possessed heavily-built bodies - with a long, curved neck, which held a large head equipped with a giant, hooked beak, and small wings which were useless for flight. They also possessed very large legs, which allowed them to run at incredible speeds and quickly chase down extremely fast prey; Titanis walleri could sprint at 65 km/h, and outrun a motorcycle going at full or near-full speed. Terror Birds began as two-foot younglings, maturing to be about eight feet tall. Terror Birds apparently matured quickly, since Leggy grew from a small juvenile to an adult over the course of only a few months. (Angry Birds, The Great Escape)

Terror Birds apparently lived in flocks and packs, and were vicious and aggressive predators in the woods and wilderness. It would appear that how the Terror Birds attacked their prey differed somewhat between different groups: the first flock encountered by the ARC team appeared to devour and kill prey simply by chasing it down and then pecking chunks of flesh off of it with their large beaks; while the Titanis walleri encountered by the Special Projects Group were shown to kill prey by pinning it down with their large feet, and then using their large beaks to tear the prey's flesh away. One common hunting attribute between all the differing Terror Birds was that they tended to eat their prey alive. (Episode 3.6, Angry Birds)

While Terror Birds were usually hunters, one individual specimen in particular (who had grown up being brutally examined and experimented on in a laboratory) was instead a scavenger; eating and scavenging any leftover human foods and snacks he could find, although because of his cruel upbringing, he would still attack and kill humans on sight but not eat them. (The Great Escape)


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