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The Terileptils are a space-faring reptilian species, well known for their great love of art and beauty, matched only by their great love of war.


Terileptils were reptilian humanoids, mostly fish like. Each Terileptil seemed to be of primarily one color - for example, green, blue or red - but some of their scales and ruffles had variations in hue. They breathed through gills on the side of the head, their hands and feet were like flippers, and their wide mouths were full of pointy teeth. They breathed soliton gas.


Terileptils had a highly sophisticated technology. Dependent on soliton gas, they perfected atmospheric processors which could synthesise and release the gas into the immediate area, allowing them to function in alien atmospheres lacking this vital component. They were familiar with the use of Vintaric crystals as a means of artificial lighting, and holographic energy barriers. Terileptilan technology made heavy use of polygrite and highly charged power packs. They did not appear to have technology for time travel, but were certainly familiar with the concept. Terileptils were especially noted for their use of androids as guards, soldiers, and servitors.


In 1666, the Fifth Doctor found a small group of Terileptil criminals who had escaped from the penal colony on Raaga. They had somehow managed to override their control bracelets, reprogram an android guard to help them, and steal a ship. They were caught in an asteroid storm crossing through Earth's planetary system. The ship's escape pod crashed outside a small village near the future location of Heathrow Airport. Plague was already raging in London, and the Terileptils began to genetically augment the plague plotting to destroy humanity and take over the world

Their plot failed when the Doctor and his companions fought them in a bakery on London's Pudding Lane, and a torch dropped during the scuffle, together with an overloaded Terileptil hand weapon, resulted in the Great Fire of London, which destroyed the Terileptils and their augmented plague bacteria.