Spinosaurus is/are (an) adversary/-ies from the twelfth "Land Before Time" film despite only appearing in one scene

When Guido wakes up after sleepwalking and sleepflying all night. He landed on it's back. It actually gets Guido into it's mouth but spat him out after he tickles it's tonsils. It snaps at Guido again but Petrie swoops down and picks him up. Spike accidentally knocks Littlefoot, Cera and Ducky off the ledge they were on distracting Spinosaurus. It chases the six dinosaurs between two rocks and gets stuck in them, cause his spine or sail was too large to get through of those rocks when its been caught, trying to get out. The gang had enough time to make their escape back into the Great Valley while the Spinosaurus was trying hard enough for hours or for a day to slip out.

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