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Spike and Whitey

Spike and Whitey are supporting antagonists of "Flushed Away". They are the secondary antagonists of the film

The pair[]


Spike (voiced by Andy Serkis) is the brains of the pair. He is shorter than Whitey and is about sixteen years old. He pretends to be vicious and lethal but is actually rather cowardly. He is also the more violent of the pair saying he likes unhappy endings with lots of violence. In terms of physical appearence he is a thin twitchy rat with pale fur and dark hair pulled back as if he has had an electric shock which he does. He wears a grey suit and black shoes


Whitey (voiced by Bill Nighy) is the muscle of the pair. Unlike Spike is is small, sharp, quick and vicious. Whitey is more good natured, big, lumbering, slow and less intelligent than Spike. He was originally an ex labratory who was dark grey at first but after one two many shampoo jobs he came out with white fur. It is obvious that he is an albino rat as he has pink eyes whilst the other rats have brown or blue eyes. He is also more softer than Spike saying that he "loves a happy ending". In terms of physical appearence Whitey is a more bigger rat with white fur and pink eyes. He wears a blue suit with no shirt or tie. He also has a gold tooth, a chiain and about three rings.