Soto is the main antagonist in the film Ice Age.

Appearence and Personality

He is a sabre toothed tiger with a short temper and the leader of a pack of sabre toothed tigers.

Role in the film

He hated humans for killing half of his pack and wanted to kill Roshan, who was rescued by Manny and Sid.

Diego followed them so he could lure them into the pack's jaws, while Soto and his pack tracked them down. However, as they made it to the destination, Diego admitted the truth as he has now grown a friendship with Manny, Sid, and Roshan. He came up with a plan to escape, as the animals fought and avoided the hungry pack. However, Soto apparently kills Diego. In the final confrontation, Manny knocks Soto into a wall and was killed when a bunch of large, sharp icicles fell on him. It was later revealed that Diego had survived.