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The Silurians are reptillian like aliens on the TV show Doctor Who. They claim to be the original inhabitants of Earth before the humans.


The Silurians (also known as Doctor Who and the Silurians)[]


The first appearence of the Silurians in 1970

A group of Silurians were awakened from hibernation by the energy from a nearby nuclear power research center. The Doctor initially manages to negotiate an honorable compromise with the colony's leader. Unfortunately the colony's leader was assassinated by his own son who was intent on a far more aggressive policy. To that end, the Silurians then attempted to reclaim the planet from humanity by releasing a deadly virus and attempting to disperse the Van Allen radiation belt. Both plans were thwarted by the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) who was at that time stranded on Earth. Despite the Doctor's best efforts to broker a peaceful solution, the Silurians are still determined to exterminate Humanity, only to have their base destroyed by the fictional United Nations Intelligence Taskforce on the orders of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) to preempt this open threat.

Warriors of the Deep[]


Icthar. A member of the Silurians in the 1980s

The land-based Silurians and the 'Sea Devils' next appeared, together where they attempted again to reclaim Earth from the humans. Set in the year 2084 during a prolonged "cold war" between factions of humanity. The Sea Devils in this episode were described as being elite warriors; they sported bullet-proof samurai-style armour. The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) tries in vain to prevent any bloodshed against either species; he tells companions Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) to give the Silurians oxygen to keep them safe from the hexachromite gas he released into the base's atmosphere. The last surviving Silurian in the episode, however, is killed by Turlough, leaving the Doctor despondent.

=The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood[]

Silurians 2010

The new appearence of the Silurians

Silurians are awoken in 2020 by an underground drilling operation. These Silurians lack the third eye of their 1970-1984 counterparts, and wear masks. Having misinterpreted it as a deliberate attack on the Silurians, the Silurians take hostages, including Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)'s companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan). The Doctor's attempts at a peace negotiation between humans and Silurians is ruined when Alaya (Neve McIntosh) a war hungry Silurian warrior provokes a panicked human mother (Nia Roberts) into killing her. Silurian leader Eldane (Stephen Moore) recognises that humans and Silurians have the potential to reach some common ground in the future, and allows the Doctor and some of his allies to depart, leaving behind two humans to act as ambassadors to the human race when the Silurians re-awaken in a thousand years.