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Shere Khan

Shere Khan is the main antagonist in the 1967 film The Jungle Book and its 2003 sequel. He was voiced by the late George Sanders in the first film and Tony Jay in the second with his roaring noises being made by Frank Welker. In Hindi Shere Khan means "lion king"


Shere Khan is a powerful suave tiger who is known for his murderous, cruel and vicious attitude. Everyone knows he is powerful even himself leading to a very arrogant and boastful personality but is sophisticated and can be extremely polite when he wants to be but becomes very dangerous when threatened. He is also a pyrophobic and a misanthrope with his fears being Man's gun and fire so he tried to kill the film's protagonist Mowgli before he could use them. In his youth he spoke with an american accent but as an adult he spoke and speaks with a British accent and self praises himself and unlike most villains he has a sympathetic personality calling Mowgli a "helpless little lad". As well as speaking with a british accent he behaves like a Englishman saying phrases such as "Good show" and "I say"

The Jungle Book[]

Though mentioned Shere Khan does not make an appearence until later on in the film trying to hunt a deer which fails due to Colonel Hathi and the Jungle Patrol singing a reprise of a military song called Colonel Hathi's March. He eavesdrops on a conversation by which point the jungle patrol set off to find Mowgli but decides it is time for his rendevouz with Mowgli. He then comes across the secondary antagonist of the film Kaa who plans to eat Mowgli. Khan leaves after a search for Mowgli which is unsuccessful saying that he "must continue his search for the helpless little lad".

Later he finally confronts Mowgli and the Vultures and gives Mowgli 10 seconds to run but instead Mowgli decides to attack him with a stick but realising his fear of fire the vultures distract the tiger and Mowgli ties a burning branch to his tail

The Jungle Book 2[]

In the sequel Shere Khan returns to exact revenge on Mowlgi for what he did to him and has some changes; He appears much earlier, he has overcome his fear of guns and fire, now knows Mowgli's name though how this is is unknown and is more evil and antagonistic. He is defeated after a tiger's head statue falls on him burying him.