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Scarface is the main antagonist in the second season of The Animals of Farthing Wood. He is voiced by Jon Glover.


In the novels Scarface is a red fox, but in the TV series he is a blue fox. He has light blue fur with a darker shade and a light grey underbelly with a black nose, a black stripe over his head and black eyebrows. He also has a long, jagged scar on the right side of his face, and his right eye seems to be blind.


In both the books and the TV series, Scarface regards himself as the second most powerful creature in White Deer Park (after The Great Stag), and feels threatened by the arrival of Fox and the birth of his cubs, so he relentlessly tries to remove them from the park. In both the books and the TV series, he succeeds in killing many of the Farthing Wood creatures. In the TV series, he kills Mrs Vole, Dreamer, Mrs Hare and Mrs Rabbit. In the books, he kills Dreamer, Mrs Hare, and several Farthing Wood voles, fieldmice and rabbits. In both the books and the TV series, he is killed by Adder.