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Rusty Ringtail is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Wild Wheels." He is a husky raccoon who rides roller skates (or skateboard in the "False Alarms" song segment in "Fires and Liars"), but he doesn't wear a helmet or pads because it "slows him down." For the same reason, he never allows his toadies Snarf and Chili Dog to wear any. He plots to ride unnoticed to the top of the Statue of Liberty with super speed. He makes dangerous tracks throughout NYC.

Rusty is a foil to Ranger Burble, as they had both grown up on the streets, but whereas Burble had learned about safety and what dangers would happen without even thinking about it, Rusty, on the other hand, kept choosing dangerous thrill. He'd been written up by Burble for refusing to wear a helmet or pads, but had crumpled up his citation and stolen a piece of fruit and once got arrested. Burble hadn't been able to get through to him.

Eventually, Burble attempts to apologize for not getting through to him. Rusty pretends to admit he needs help, only to confine Burble underneath some contraption, and use another to stop the rest of the Danger Rangers (minus Gabriela and Fallbot, who had stayed behind to take care of things) from helping him, but Burt had an invention to help out.

While Rusty's toadies had been saved by Rangers Sully and Kitty, Burble kept going after Rusty until the latter kept going in a dangerous path and tripped and fallen into a trash can.

Thus, Rusty and his men are taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Rusty and his henchmen appear, as mentioned before, in the "False Alarms" song segment in "Fires and Liars," as he reports a fire that is not happening, resulting in the firefighters not being able to help a family whose home really is on fire. Much later, as shown, Rusty and his henchmen are in jail.

Rusty is voiced by Jason Marsden.