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"You fat, bloated eediot!"

- Ren insulting Stimpy

Marland T. "Ren" Höek, or better known as just Ren Höek, is one of the two titular protagonist of the Ren and Stimpy Show, he is a psychotic, spiteful, and abusive "asthma-hound" chihuahua, he is the best friend to Stimpson J. Cat, better known as Stimpy. Despite being of the two main protagonist a couple of episodes show Ren to be antagonistic. He was originally voiced by John Kricfalusi (Season 1,2, and APC) then by Billy West (Season 3 and 5) and also Chris Edgerly (Nicktoons MLB).


He has shown to be ambitious as one of his goals is to have huge pectoral muscles, he does care about Stimpy, seeing him as a true friend despite Ren treating him badly, he has huge freak outs when he loses his sanity, such as in "Sven Hoek" after finding out Stimpy and Sven destroyed all his possessions, he corners the two and threatens how he shall torture them. He has a greedy side as seen in "An Abe Divided" where he along with Stimpy broke the head off the Lincoln Memorial, after hearing there was treasure inside of the statue. In "Cheese Rush Days" He abandoned Stimpy, so he could make a lot of money off a golden nugget he found in a cave, but the man kicks him out of the store, because the nugget was a fake, leading to him getting run over by a car. He is also abusive towards his friend Stimpy, and slaps him when his idiotic tendencies get to him.

He has a sympathetic side where he has shown to be insecure, such as in "Stimpy's Fan Club" where he got jealous at Stimpy for having more fan mail then him, this leads to him almost killing Stimpy as he attempted to snap his neck when he was asleep. But a brain tumor stops him, he has been shown to be kind on a few occasions, seen as when he tried to comfort he's friend when he was sad about losing his fart friend Stinky in "Son of Stimpy"


Ren was inspired by a post card John Krisfalusi saw, it showed a sweatered Chihuahua right by a women's feet. He made his first appearance in the pilot "Big House Blues" (pilot) and "The Big Shot" (official series) He sometimes acts like a real dog as seen as when he whimpers like a overstimulated Chihuahua, He was born Tuesday the 17th, he has a couple of relatives in his family such as his cousin Sven Höek, Oldman Farmer Höek who is implied to be his father, Bubba Höek he's nephew, Reverend Höek he's actual dad who appeared in "Adult Party Cartoon" and Mrs. Höek who is his mom. In APC he's voice was deeper, in a attempt to make him sound older. He appeared In Nicktoons crossover games, and made his most recent appearance in the upcoming Reboot for "The Ren and Stimpy Show".



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