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Plucky Duck is one of the protagonists of Tiny Toon Adventures. Normally, he is a hero, but sometimes, he counts as a villain.

Plucky was voiced by the late Joe Alaskey.


  • Generally, Plucky takes advantage of his best friend and opposite Hamton Pig.
    • In "A Bacon Strip," Plucky talks him into skinny-dipping in Montana Max's swimming pool, which Montana Max himself drains, and after which, he steals the overalls, and Plucky deserts him.
    • In "Wait Till Your Father Gets Even," Plucky talks Hamton into gambling with the latter's father Wade's bottle caps, and acts sad when Hamton refuses, and then cheats him out of them, eventually to Hamton's mother Winnie's rage.
    • In "Hog Wild Hamton," he secretly invites the other kids to Hamton's house (to the latter's objections) while his parents are at home, eventually having Egghead Jr. blow up the house.
    • In "Horn Blows at Lunchtime," Plucky tries to pin the blame on Hamton for the smelly flatulence in the cafeteria.
    • In "Scent-imental Pig," he tries to eat Hamton.
  • In the wraparounds for "You Asked for It," he hacks into the computer to try to make sure first that no Babs Bunny cartoon is performed, just so one of his cartoons gets chosen, but after a Buster Bunny cartoon is selected instead, he removes all but Plucky Duck cartoons.
  • In "Sticky Feathers Duck," Plucky steals a chocolate bar.
  • In "Sepulveda Boulevard," like Montana Max, Plucky credits Elmyra's script as his own, as shown when he is horrified after Elmyra tosses the plagiarized script into the fountain with Montana Max himself.
  • In "Plucky's Dastardly Deed," Plucky switches his test with that of the smartest student, Egghead, Jr.
  • In "Buster's Directorial Debut", Plucky upstaged and almost killed Furrball.