Pinky is the secondary antagonist of Rock-A-Doodle. He is an obese, golf-favoring fox, whose goal is to keep Chanticleer in show business. He is also the boss of Goldie Pheasant, whom he's trying to get to pretend to fall in love with Chanticleer. He is voiced by the late Sorrell Burke in his last film role before his death.

He was a crony to the Grand Duke of Owls to do the best to keep Chanticleer away from Edmond and his barnyard friends. According to his and the Grand Duke's plan, Pinky had got something up his sleeve to tell Goldie to entertain Chanticleer to make him happy, also Pinky trapped Edmond and his friends in the net and tied them up in Pinky's trailer, all of a sudden, Goldie saw what happened and warns Chanticleer what happened to his barnyard pals, but Pinky heard all about it and shuts her up, but Chanticleer dares to strike Pinky, but his Frog Bouncer henchmen held Chanticleer and he notices about Pinky not wanting to lose his money and Chanticleer not wanting to lose his friends was blackmail. At the stage, Chanticleer and Goldie escaped the studio with a motorcycle, Pinky and his bouncers rushed out to go after them, after Pinky's runaway car stopped at Pinky's water tower, he yells them to catch them, the tower breaks and going down, Chanticleer and the rest of his friends began to fall off the tower and Peepers in the helicopter catches them for their safety, Pinky failed because his plot was ruined and foiled. He started to cry because he lost the King. We don't know Pinky's fate, maybe he could be fired or get blamed for the King disappearing.