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Naughty Number Nine is the main antagonist of the "Schoolhouse Rock!" episode of the same name, the protagonist being the mouse. He is a cigar-smoking cat who plays pool. Of course, playing pool and smoking cigars aren't villainous, but here are his doings that are.

  1. He ties up the mouse into a ball and uses him for a cue to hit the other balls, getting him hurt.
  2. He hits the 9-ball at the mouse, getting them both into one of the pockets.
  3. He hits the 4 and 9 balls at the mouse.
  4. He snatches the mouse and breathes the 9 x 9 and then 81 into his face with the cigar smoke.
  5. He rubs the mouse's ears into the pool chalk.

His defeat, without him knowing about it, is that once he leaves, the mouse has been hiding inside the 9 ball, as if the circle inside the "band" were a door.