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Evil Mungo

Mungo is the title character in the Jungle Cubs episode, "Mondo Mungo," only to appear as a central villain in the episode's nightmare sequence.

The episode centered on Kaa's newfound friendship with Mungo, having saved Mungo from Shere Khan. However, Bagheera appears and attempts to save Kaa from Mungo, with Bagheera revealing to Kaa that Mungo is a mongoose, and that he and Kaa are actually natural enemies. Bagheera revealed that snakes eat mongeese, and vice versa, though Kaa insists that Mungo wouldn't harm him. Despite this, Bagheera's warning remained in Kaa's memory, which led him to a short nightmare after falling asleep.

In Kaa's nightmare, Mungo turned heel by voicing his desire to devour Kaa, who backed away and attempted to get through to Mungo. As part of Mungo's heel persona, the sinister mongoose appeared larger in size, and displayed blazing red eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and spoke in a demonic voice while approaching Kaa. In response to Kaa's pleas, the evil Mungo commented that Kaa would "always be a part of him" before lunging at Kaa, who woke up from his nightmare in a panic.