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Missy Galore

Redeemed villainess Missy Galore

Missy Galore (Catherine Cavadini) is the hidden (redeemed) main villainess from "Cat Dance Fever," episode 2.20b of The Tom and Jerry Show (airdate November 29, 2018). She is the mother of Toodles Galore (Tom's love interest); first appearing in episode 2.04c, "Here Comes the Bribe," before her heel turn in "Cat Dance Fever."


In "Here Comes the Bribe," Missy and her husband, Sid Galore, visited Toodles at Tom and Jerry's house, though Toodles asked Tom to pretend to be her husband, as her parents disapproved of her living alone, plus Toodles claimed that she was married with children. The ruse saw Jerry and Nibbles pose as Tom and Toodles' children, and while Sid was dueling with Tom, Missy was in the kitchen attempting to feed her "grandchildren," only for Missy to emerge and reveal them as mice. The episode ended with Toodles revealing the whole truth and stating that she would be living on her own and not in a committed relationship, leaving Missy and Sid proud that their daughter was growing up.

Heel Turn[]

Missy Heel Turn

Missy Galore's heel turn in "Cat Dance Fever"

In the events of "Cat Dance Fever," Missy worked in the construction business as a welder, while Toodles opened a dance studio and was practicing for a couples dance contest with her boyfriend, Ramon. Missy had been against Toodles' dancing aspirations, and had wanted Toodles to join her mother in the construction business. However, after finding out about Toodles' participation in the dance contest, Missy turned heel by abducting Ramon as part of her scheme to sabotage her daughter. Toodles contacted the Tom and Jerry Detective Agency and enlisted the pair to search for Ramon, while also turning down having Tom as a replacement partner.

Unbeknownst to the pair, the evil Missy tracked Tom and Jerry at every stop and made several attempts to take down the pair, while donning an all-black masked disguise as part of her heel persona. Tom and Jerry found Ramon at an abandoned warehouse, but after losing him again, Toodles ended up dancing with Tom at the contest, with Jerry helping improve Tom's dancing by running around in circles. As a result, Tom and Toodles won the contest, but afterwards, Missy attempted to drop a disco ball towards the pair, only for Jerry to fire a pea shooter at the villainess before unmasking her, with Toodles being stunned to see that her own mother was the saboteur.

After her reveal, Missy voiced her disapproval of Toodles' dancing, adding that her heel turn was motivated by her obsessive desire to get Toodles to work with her. The villainess stated that she hoped that Toodles losing would get her to quit, but after revealing her profession in the construction business, the narrator revealed that Missy and Toodles came to a compromise: Toodles would work construction with Missy during the day, and continue as a dancer by night, with Missy accepting and completing her redemption.