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Mammoth manny

Manfred, better known as Manny, is the main protagonist villain turned hero of Ice Age franchise.

Villainous Acts[]

Ice Age[]

  • He was walking madly and could kill many animals because of his heaviness, and when a tapir shouted at him, he insulted him.
  • At first, he refused to save Sid from Carl & Frank and was willing to let them kill him, but later decided to save him.
  • He refused to let Sid to sleep with him, and let Sid to sleep alone when was raining outside.
  • At first, he refused to help Sid to back Roshan to humans, but later decided to help him.
  • He was mean to Diego when they encountered the first time.
  • He attempted to beat Sid up if he refuses to change Roshan's diapers.

Ice Age 2[]

  • At first, he told Sid to shut up (which is unpolite). Later, he attemped to kill Sid if he doesn't stop singing a song about him.
  • He whacked Sid with his trunk when Sid called Ellie, Crash and Eddie to go with them.
  • He launched Crash from the tree and made that he bumped on the tree, fell down, and couldn't move for a time (even thought this could be unintentional, but maybe he did it intentionally, because he got mad on Crash when he called him lazy).

Ice Age 3[]

  • He didn't care about that Sid's unhappy in his life, and didn't want to even try to cheer him up.
  • He mentioned that he will kill Sid when they save him from Momzilla.

Ice Age 4[]

  • He was mean to Louis when he and Peaches wanted to go to falls.
  • He tried to control Peaches' life and to prevent her from everything she wants.
  • He lamed Peaches infront of her friends and was mean to her.

Ice Age 5[]

This is the film where he's the main antagonist (the main protagonist role belongs to Peaches).

  • He was a total jerk to everybody, but reformed at the end.
  • He was mad on Peaches because she was spending more time with Julian than with him.
  • He shot Julian with hockey pack in head and gave him a headache when he gonna mad because Peaches said that she found a new hockey partner.