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Le Frog is The Toad's cousin and the secondary antagonist, later a neutral character in Flushed Away.

He is voiced by Jean Reno.

Personality and Appearence[]

Le Frog is the leader of a group of French speaking Kung Fu Fighting frogs. He is most likely to be from Paris or some other French city.

Unlike his cousin who is bent on revenge, Le Frog does not care about his cousin and sees his desire with the rats as being unhealthy and he is also quite apathetic. He is also quite flexible and able to do several backflips. He also appears to be sadistic finding "everyone's pain funny but his own"

Flushed Away[]

Though he is mentioned by the Toad who says "Why is he always late?" he is first seen dueling the Toad for a fly which results in his victory. Le Frog then slides down thew window and does a few backflips before facing the Toad and saying "Bonjour". The Toad then tells him his plan. To wash away "the curse, the scourge of rats" however Le Frog appears to have heard this story a million times before the toad shows him his story.

The Toad was once the pet of Prince Charles but on the Prince's birthday he was given a rat. When the prince wasn't looking, the Toad was flushed down the toilet. After Le Frog mockis him the Toad tells him to just get the cable at which point Le Frog says he and his henchfrogs leave immediately but then comes back and says they leave in five hours.

Latert on the Jammy Dodger Le Frog meets Rita and Roddy and gives them a word from their sponsor a mime frog called Marcel. Through Marcel's miming, the Toad gets his point across but doesn't reveal his plan. Whilst his henchfrogs are defeated Le Frog fights Roddy and Rita on the Jammy Dodger only for them to go flying into the rapids. In the rapids the Dodger is destroyed and Le Frog is nearly victorius but Rita gets the cable back from him.

However, the Toad has Rita captured and at that point Le Frog gets the cable which the Toad puts in the machine and begins his plan. There is then a battle which results in the Toad's foot being frozen and his toungue getting stuck in cogs. Calling for his cousin to help, Le Frog fights Roddy but Roddy grabs on to him and uses him as a Tarzan like swing and swings to the pipe and frees Rita from the Toad. The pipe then bursts but the wave gets frozen. Le Frog then scoffs at Roddy being a hero at which point Roddy lets go and ties thim to his cousin. The Toad swears revenge but Le Frog tells him to give it a rest and get his tadpoles a puppy which they wanted before.

Le Frog is later seen at the end angrily pointing in the right direction whilst hodling an arrow sign that says "To France"