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Kelly Blue Eyes

Kelly is an animal villainess from "My Wife as a Dog," episode 3.16 of Friday the 13th: The Series.


Kelly is the pet dog of Aubrey Ross, though the episode revealed that Kelly had been ill for some time, with Aubrey's obsessive need to tend to Kelly causing a strain in his marriage to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Lea Ross. While performing his duties as a firefighter, Aubrey strangled co-worker Keith to death with a leash, which was revealed as a cursed object from Curious Goods. Aubrey later placed the leash on Kelly, and noticed that she was improving, though when he tells Dr. McGibbon (a veterinarian) about Kelly's improvement, he is accused of delaying the inevitable.

When Kelly's condition worsens, Aubrey takes her to McGibbon, who is about to euthanize Kelly--only to be strangled with the leash by Aubrey. Upon seeing that Kelly is not only improving, but thinking on her own, Aubrey realizes that the leash is not only curing Kelly, but it was slowly giving Aubrey what he desired: a twisted amalgam of Lea and Kelly, as he fretted that dogs were more loyal than wives. Aubrey went on his mission to fulfill his goal, making Tricia his latest victim, and as a result, Kelly was shown displaying Lea's blue eyes, while the inverse happened to Lea--displaying Kelly's eyes as part of her canine transformation.

Heel Turn[]

Kelly Heel Turn

Kelly cementing her heel turn in the climax

Both transformations became more gradual when Aubrey murdered Lea's co-worker, Joni, but Aubrey eventually decided that in order for his goal to be completed, he had to kill Lea with the leash. In the process, Kelly turned heel and became a willing participant in his plans, and later on, Aubrey called Lea over under the pretense of having signed the divorce papers, only to attempt to kill her with the leash, while the canine villainess waited in the kitchen.

Lea briefly escaped, only for Aubrey to resume the attempt; all the while, Kelly was shown gradually transforming into Lea's form, cementing her heel turn. After Lea was killed, Kelly (now resembling Lea) woke up and called out for Aubrey, but it was at that moment that Micki, Jack, and Johnny arrived with police, leading to Aubrey's arrest. In the final scenes, the evil Kelly visited Aubrey in prison and brought his newspaper, and she was shown panting as Aubrey praised her.