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Iago is the tretagonist of Disney's Aladdin franchise. He starts off as the secondary antagonist in the 1992 film Aladdin, then he returns as the deuteragonist of its 1994 sequel Return of Jafar, the tretagonist of the series and a supporting character of the second and last sequel Aladdin and the King of Thieves. He was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.


Iago is a scarlet macaw able to mimic anyone's voice and speak fluent english. He can imitate anyone's inlcuding Jafar's probaly due to his influence. He is a loudmouthed parrot and is incredibly selfish openly vocalizing his problems such as "That does it. All reports are in. Life is now avigealy unfair". Although he lives in luxury with Jafar the vizier of Agrabah he is very greedy wanting luxury for himself and also hates crackers which is very unusual for a parrot.

Villainy in Aladdin[]

At first he does not interact with Aladdin. Instead he is seen at a desert trying to get the Genie's lamp so he can rule Agrabah though this is a possiblity. He is seen operating a machine to find out "the diamond in the rough" who can enter the cave of wonders.

When Jafar disguises himself as an old man with a hunchback simialr to Quasimodo to get Aladdin in the cave Iago acts as his hump. He appears out of Aladdin's view telling Jafar to "hurry up". After Aladdin is trapped he is finally released from Jafar's back and shows his true despise of the life in the palace. He also comes up with the plan of Jafar marrying the princess. That way if Jafar marries the princess then he will become the sultan and then they drop the sultan and Princess Jasmine off a cliff allowing them to rule Agrabah alone.

Jafar then decides it is time to say good bye to "Prince Aboo-boo" who is actually Aladdin in disguise. So he has Aladdin captured and thrown into the sea to drown. After Aladdin is "killed" the marraige of Jasmine to Jafar is put into action but Aladdin appears and it is revealed that Jafar has been hypnotising the Sultan. The guards arrive to arrest Jafar but he escapes. Jafar then tells Iago that Aladdin has the lamp and sends him to get it which Iago suceeds in doing by imitating Jasmine's voice and going inside to get the lamp. Now in control Jafar wishes to be a sultan and his wish is granted but it doesn't last because he then wishes to be "the most powerful sorcerer in the world" Jafar is also granted this and gets control. First he makes the Sultan and Jasmine bow to him, turns Jasmine's tiger Rajah into a kitten, brings Aladdin back to earth and turns him from a prince into the thief he was at the beginning and Abu back into a monkey and banishes them to the Nroth Pole along with the carpet. With Jafar in control Jasmine is turned into a slave and the sultan is a court jester. During the final fight between Aladdin and Jafar Iago grants him a well done but gets hit on the head by a cymbal and is knocked out of rht ebattle. Now Jafar decides to get the lamp by anymeans necessary by using words to trap Aladdin.

What Jafar says: Effect:
"Don't toy with me" Abu is turned into a toy monkey
"Things are unravelling fast now boy" The Magic carpet is unravelled
"Get the point?" Several Scimitars come down and trap Aladdin

Finally Jafar turns into a snake and then a genie but is then sucked into a lamp along with Iago and sent into the cave of wonders.