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Gray Sharptooth

Gray Sharptooth is the main antagonist from the tenth "Land Before Time" film.

He appeared when Cera, Ducky, Spike, and Petrie were looking for Littlefoot.

He started chasing them down through the jungle until Cera and the others hide inside a small cave. He came around the bend, and notice that they're gone and goes off completely outsmarted. He appeared again on the leftside of the crater when he heard the roar of the Orange-Brown Sharptooth after the Green One came in, giving the three carnivores a greater combat to attack the sauropods one by one. He fought Pat, who whipped him three times in the face, and the Gray Sharptooth responded by knocking him to the ground. Cera then head-butted his foot, and Shorty cameunder his other foot, tripping him and sending him roling down the hill. He crashed into the Orange-Brown Sharptooth, who had been fighting Bron, and they tumbled off the cliff.

He and the two other Sharpteeth soon got up and started following the sauropods. However, an eclipse occured and the three sharptooth ran off in fear. They are never seen again, although it is possible they formeda pack with each other.