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Duncan is the secondary antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Go Games." He is a finch and Chancy McSpill's toady.

Unlike Snarf and Chili Dog from "Wild Wheels" (who are forbidden by their leader Rusty Ringtail to wear any safety gear), he is not forbidden to wear any; however, his helmet is too small.

Duncan loosens the back wheel on the bike of Junior Danger Ranger Talya Mendoza, causing Ranger Burt (who is trying to prove he can ride and record a video) to have an accident (but he is wearing pads and a helmet, so he is not hurt).

Duncan assists Chancy in cheating in the Go Games, and bikes out of control in the Go Games. Rangers Squeaky and Gabriela try to catch him, but they miss. However, unintentionally, a stressed Fallbot tries to think, but squirts out dark blue liquid, which causes Duncan to skid and crash into a stack of hay bales.

Duncan and Chancy are disqualified from the games and told to apologize to the other contestants.

Then they are given a second chance to participate, but have to answer safety questions before every event.

Duncan is voiced by John Kassir (primarily the voice of Fallbot).