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Doug is the main antagonist of "Open Season 3".

He is voiced by Matthew J.Munn

The film[]

In Open Season 3, Doug's main goal was to run away from the circus and into the wild, reminiscing on how he used to rule a wild life park as its only grizzly bear. When Boog ran into him, it provided him the perfect advantage. He and Boog switched places, and Doug told him that he would be back for him before sunset. Boog was soon told by Alistar the llama, Doug's friend and partner-in-crime, that Doug was just lying to escape.

Meanwhile, Doug made himself king of the forest and turned Boog's friends into servants. But Giselle, Elliot, and their kids find out he was an imposter. Doug is soon forced to tell them that Boog is at the circus, which is set to go to Russia. As the animals run to save Boog, Doug once again feels lonesome, and realizes his friendship with Alistar.

At the end of the film, Doug reforms, reunites with Alistar, and apologizes to Boog for tricking him.