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The Dinosaur Herd were seen when Manny, Ellie, Diego, and Crash & Eddie slide on the Brachiosaurus's neck to escape from an angry Ankylosaurus. They cornered the mammals, until a marten named Buck came by and save them by shooting figs at them. The dinosaur herd were Kentrosaurus, Iguanodons, and Pachycephalosaurus.


  • Kentrosaurus - They are red-orange with red plates and spikes. They having abnormally long necks, buggy eyes, and hawk-like hooked beaks.
  • Iguanodon - They are blue with light purple snout
  • Pachycephalosaurus - They are brown. Compactly built on two hind legs with a strong tail and two short forearms, Pachycephalosaurus was an herbivore that defended itself with its thick, rounded head, which was ten inches thick at the top and was used to head butt any attackers or malcontents.