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Dag is the overarching antagonist of the Barnyard franchise. He is main antagonist of the movie Barnyard. He is a red coyote who is the leader of a pack of hungry, vicious coyotes who stole animals from the barn.

He is voiced by David Koechner.

Role in the film[]

In the movie, he nearly steals the hens, only to be stopped by Otis' foster father Ben. Ben sacrifices himself to save the hens, and dies after his fight with Dag.

Later in the movie, Otis tries to take vengeance on Dag, but he loses his burst of courage as soon as the coyotes notice him. Dag shames Otis by telling him that things would have been different if he was there for Ben. He then makes a deal with Otis, telling him that he'll steal a few animals each night, and if he tried to do something about it, he and his pack would slaughter every animal in sight. At the end of the movie, Otis and the other animals defeat Dag and the other coyotes at their junkyard lair. Eventually, Dag tries a sneak attack on Otis, but he's warned by Peck, who successfully did a loud crow. Otis caught Dag by the throat, hit his head against a bus window and threatend to punch him, like his dad did; but instead, Otis told Dag to never come back and the coyote agrees. Dag is hit with a golf club by Otis and he soars out while howling in pain.