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Commander Octodon

Commander Octodon is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Water Works." He is an octopus who intends to keep his hideout underwater. Because the Danger Rangers plan on making every boat and pool, and anyone in either, float-worthy, Octodon plans on ruining their reputation. To do this, he has his henchmen Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams sabotage a pool and sneak away safety gear. They do so in London, England, causing Ranger Squeaky to have to use an umbrella to rescue a drowning chimp. This gets the Rangers discredited on international TV, and causes them to blame Fallbot for it (especially since he stowed away against Danger Ranger rules while he was not trained well enough to be a real Danger Ranger), though he knows it was Lobster Theodore and Joey who made it dangerous, and none of the Rangers believes him until they see his memory files.

Much later, Squeaky finds that Octodon's yacht is a fake. When Octodon tries to get away from the Rangers, he throws his henchmen out, causing Ranger Burble to save and arrest them. Octodon uses the safety signs to get away, so Ranger Sully has Fallbot catch him.

It is unknown what happened to Octodon next. It is possible that he might have been arrested.

He is voiced by an uncredited Gregg Berger.