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Chancy McSpill

Chancy McSpill is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Go Games." He is a yellow moose from Scotland who, like fellow main antagonist Rusty Ringtail, does not wear a helmet or pads when he skateboards. He is assisted by a finch named Duncan.

At one point, Chancy and Duncan loosen the wheel on Junior Danger Ranger Talya Mendoza's bike.

Chancy, afraid of Duncan's point about him not being ready, decides to cheat in the Go Games. To do this, he has Duncan take glue from the former's Uncle McKenzie's glue factory. Unfortunately, because an inept Duncan accidentally knocks over the drum of glue due to Rangers Sully and Kitty looking for them, Chancy pulls him out, only to accidentally start the glue flow, which eventually sticks the two rangers' feet to to the glue. The two careless villains steal some of the glue.

At the Go Games, Chancy has Duncan use a big magnet to ruin Panamanian participant Ana Gomez's skateboarding act, and use glue on Indian participant Amar's bicycling act so Chancy can win; however, with Burt's hovercam, Talya finds out that her "hero" Chancy, was one of those who loosened her bike wheel, and expose him planning to snag the Australian contestant. Chancy is caught by Rangers Sully and Kitty and brought to Ranger Burble. Chancy and Duncan are disqualified and persuaded to apologize to the other contestants.

However, they are given a second chance, but not without having to answer any safety questions before every event.

Chancy McSpill is voiced by Rob Paulsen (primarily the voice of Squeaky).