Cera is the anti-heroine and the false antagonist turned-deuteragonist of The Land Before Time. She is one of Littlefoot's friends however she is mean to Littlefoot in the original film. 

Cera Land Before Time
She is voiced by Candace Hutson, and later by Anndi McAfee.

Villainous Acts

  • In the original film, she was mean to Littlefoot, and fights him and insults his mother.
  • In the second film, she argues with Littlefoot about Chomper.
  • In the fifth film, she hurts Chomper's feelings.
  • In the seventh film, she was mean to Petrie, and argues with him.


  • Cera is sometimes thought to be the main antagonist of the original movie, although, the main antagonist is Sharptooth.
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