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Carnotaurus, also known as Carnotaurs ("Meat-eating bull"), are the main antagonists of Disney's Dinosaur. They were a pair of carnivorous dinosaur's that hunted down Aladar and his friends through the barren wasteland caused by an asteroid. They were both voiced by Frank Welker.

When Kron sent his 2nd-in-command, Bruton, along with a scout to look for their destination, the two are attacked by the Carnotaurus duo. Bruton managed to escape, but the scout is killed and devoured, much to Bruton's distraught.

Aladar and his friends find a cave for shelter from the darkness and the rain, where they attempt to sleep for the night. Unfortunately, the Carnotaurus duo find them, and attack. Aladar and his friends manage to escape, thanks to the help of Bruton, who sacrifices himself by causing a cave-in to crush the predators. The cave-in crushes both attackers, but only one of them is killed along with Bruton. The surviving Carnotaurus leaves the cave, roaring in anger and eager to get revenge.

Aladar and his friends are led by Kron through what he thought was a shortcut to their destination, which turned out to be a dead end. When the herd turned around to leave, the Carnotaurus was right behind them, ready to attack. Finally, Aladar decided to stand up to the Carnataurus by roaring, which the rest of the herd followed. They marched toward the Carnotaurus while roaring, forcing their enemy to walk back. The herd got past him, but Kron, determined to climb the wall and get to the valley behind it, stayed. Kron attempted to climb up, and the Carnotaurus followed him. Aladar and Neera stay behind as well to help Kron, who manages to get to the top of the cliff. The Carnotaurus attacked Kron, who fought back by smacking him with his tail. The Carnotaurus grabbed Kron with his jaws, and tossed him against a rock, fatally injuring him. Aladar and Neera arrived to help, and the Carnotaurus smacked Neera with his tail. Refusing to let this happen, Aladar charged and managed to push the Carnotaurus off the cliff, since its weight is causin the cliff to crumble. As the cliff starts to crack, the meat-eating dinosaur grabbed Aladar to try and take him down with him, but Aladar managed to escape his jaws, and the Carnotaurus fell to his death below.