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Carface Carruthers is the main antagonist of the All Dogs Go to Heaven film franchise.

He's the main antagonist of the first film, he's the secondary antagonist of the second one (the main one being Red), goes back to the lead adversary role (this time, sharing it with Belladonna) in the TV series, and becomes the antiheroic protagonist of the third film. He is the former partner of Charlie Barkin. He is an American pit bull terrier/bulldog hybrid and a dangerous psychopath who was Charlie's former business partner.

He was voiced by the late Vic Tayback in the first film and the also-late Ernest Borgnine in the sequels and the TV series.


All Dogs Go To Heaven[]

In the beginning he helps Charlie open up a casino and plans to kill Charlie because he finds him annoying and wants the casino to himself. So one night, they hold a celebration and he gets Charlie drunk. He then blindfolds him and tells him to wait for "a big surprise", starting up a car and putting it in drive causing it to hit Charlie, killing him and knocking his body into the sea.

Charlie's soul goes to Heaven where he learns Carface murdered him, and he vows revenge. He finds a way to escape from Heaven, but his guardian angel warns him that since he stole the watch he can never return. Charlie reunites with his partner Itchy and they decide to first upstage Carface with their own casino. Along the way, they stop at Carface's hideout and rescue a little girl named Anne Marie who can talk to animals. They decide to use her gift to make money and tells her that they will use her until they can find her a family. Meanwhile Carface finds out that Charlie is alive and he took Anne Marie from him so he plots revenge.

At one point he tries to kill Charlie with a machine gun and Charlie survives because as long as he has the watch nothing can kill him. Later he attacks Itchy with his thugs and burns down Charlie's casino. Then he captures Anne Marie and Charlie comes to recue her, fighting his way through the thugs. They eventually beat him up and begin to torture him. His howls of pain attract the attention of the flamboyant giant alligator whom he and Anne Marie met earlier, who causes Carface's lair to collasp. Carface falls into the water where he is eaten by the alligator. At the end he is seen in Heaven with Charlie who had sacrificed himself to save Anne Marie and thus was granted into heaven and Carface tries to escape.


Carface, as he appears in in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2[]

In the sequel, he is more comic relief. He is now noticeably less evil, less intelligent and very cowardly which is very different than he was in the first one. He escapes from heaven with Gabriel's horn and encounters Red whom makes him his partner. He tricks and deceives Charlie and the gang many times. When Charlie asks Carface what he traded to Red for his collar, Carface assumes Red wanted the soles of his shoes, but he goes barefoot. It was then that Red reminds him it was his soul that he wanted, and he is eventually dragged to Hell by Red when he's defeated. Carface screams in terror and tries to make Red's little demons letting him go while they drag him towards hell.

TV Series[]

Carface returns in the TV series after he somehow escaped from hell (presumably he succeeded to free himself from the little demons's grab before they even arrived at hell). He is still a cowardly bumbling fool and this time he was portrayed more as a thief and antihero than a villain. He runs a curio shop in the same building where he and Red ran their shady business in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. His sidekick Killer, also returns in the series.

An All Dogs Christmas Carol[]

In the final installment in the All Dogs Go to Heaven film series, Carface becomes the main protagonist. In this film, he is similar to Ebenezer Scrooge. Carface and Killer arrive at a Christmas party and start collecting debts from everyone. After Charlie refused to pay back Carface, he blows a mysterious hypnotic dog whistle that hypnotizes all the dogs and causes them to give Carface and Killer all of their bones. Before leaving, Carface and Killer make off with all the food, the presents, and their money which includes the operation money for a lame, limping (yet not complaining) puppy named Timmy (who belongs to a girl named Martha) and head off cackling. After failing several times to get the stolen goods from Carface, it is revealed that Carface is working for Annabelle's satanic cousin, Belladonna who plots to use a massive version of the gigantic hypnotic dog whistle to hypnotize every dog in the city into stealing the Christmas presents, causing them to be thrown out of their houses and abandoned, much in the same way Carface was when he was a puppy. Charlie plots to scare "the Dickens" out of Carface and asks Annabelle for some aid, resulting in them being transformed into characters from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Itchy becomes the Ghost of Christmas Past, Sasha becomes the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Charlie becomes the Ghost of Christmas Future (as a reference of The Mask). The three of them visit Carface and make him feel guilty about stealing the items, especially the operation money; Sasha tells Carface that without it Timmy will die, but Timmy's death will cause another --- his own, as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows him that because of his actions, he will cause his own death, and he will be condemned to Hell for eternity. Carface, having seen himself in Timmy, stops the whistle just in time to prevent the dogs from stealing the gifts. Belladonna flies into a rage and is about to kill Carface and Killer when she is frozen solid by a massive amount of snow caused by Annabelle. Back at the party, Carface appears on a sled pulled by Killer, and gives the pups all the presents back, and more. He even gives them Timmy's money box back, which is filled up full. Carface turns to leave, and Sasha asks him to stay and join the party. Carface respectfully refuses, saying he's going to visit his mom, but wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.