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Captain Gutt pose

Captain Gutt is the main antagonist of Ice Age: Continental Drift, the fourth film of the Ice Age frranchise.

He was voiced by Peter Dinklage.

The film[]

In the movie, he and his crew are patrolling the seas for stranded animals for both plunder and recruitment. He later introduces himself and his crew, trying to get Manny and friends to join his crew. They refuse and he attempts to make them walk the plank into the jaws of his Narwhals. Luckily, the heroes escape and end up fighting on the ship. After destroying the pirate ship, Gutt and his crew search for giant ice material for a new ship on a island. He and the crew enslave the native Hyraxes to build the ship. He and his crew were tricked by the protagonists and they took their ship. Angered by this, he breaks a giant piece of an iceberg and makes it a ship naming it the sweet revenge.

In the climax, he kidnaps Ellie and Peaches, attempting to kill them. Manny attempts to save his family but is held back by Gutt, they eventually get stuck on a piece of the ship and after a violent struggle between the two Manny launches Gutt into the air and hits him with a log, sending Gutt flying away into a deep rock wall. Gutt flew into an enormorous cave river and onto an ice floe were he lay in pain. At that moment Gutt spotted a huge shell where a female ape lay calling out to Gutt, and Gutt smitten, swam closer to the female ape, reaching the shell. The moment Gutt reached the shell the female ape revealed her true nature, she was really a siren casting an image. Quick as a flash the siren siezes Gutt by the face and pulls him into the shell, which snaps shut as several more sirens start to swim towards the shell. All that could be heard of Gutt were yells of pain as the siren presumably devours him alive.

What happened to Gutt after the film remained unknown for now; he could have been eaten alive by the sirens or he could have survived with some injures and could have planned revenge on Manny from then. He also made a cameo in Squint's flashback in the 2016 Easter special Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade.