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Botticelli (Botticelli Remorso in the novel) is the main antagonist in the movie, The Tale Of Despereaux.

He is voiced by Ciarán Hinds

He is a cruel and ruthless rat and is the leader of the rat world. In the beginning of the movie, he encountered Roscuro, who was accidentally abandoned and lost. He told Roscuro to join his rat world. Botticeli was also in charge of sporting events in the rat's colloseum, where mice were captured and eaten by a cat for the amusement of several other rats.

When Roscuro was turned to the dark side, he, Boticelli and some other rats captured Princess Pea to be eaten by the rats. Botticelli tried to kill Desperaux by feeding him to the cat. After he was defeated by Despereaux and a redeemed Roscuro, Botticelli got trapped in the cat's cage along with the hungry feline, where he met a fatal end.