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Betto the Dormouse (Betto il Ghiro in original) is the titular main protagonist of the 2005 Italian poem with the same name. He's a thief, a troublemaker and an abuser who antagonized many animals until he fell asleep.


Italian Poems: The Truth Is Revealed[]

In this book, it's revealed that Betto was stealing the food from many animals, and abusing them many times. The animals called him "The Unsleepable One" (the one who never sleeps). He was usually tying up animals for his own amusement, especially large ones, such as bears. That is why at the end of the "Betto the Dormouse" poem, everybody was happy because Betto finally fell asleep, so they don't have to see him awake the whole day. That is said at the end of the poem: "Betto sleeps and maybe it's better, than seeing him always awake!"

Betto the Dormouse[]

In this poem, the titular character was trying to sleep. He was finding a place to sleep, because he was very tired (probably because he never slept before) and finally found it. When he fell asleep, he got a strange dream, a dream that nobody ever dreamed about. He was holding it in his hand. At the end, the narrator said the aforementioned end of the poem, which suggests that everybody's fed up of Betto.

Poem lyrics[]

Here in the woods, the sun shines
And an alarm clock rings and trills!
Wake up, or try to wake up
Whoever wants to sleep

Betto the Dormouse is sleeping
He never sleeps in bed
He goes to sleep a little pouting
On a newborn bush

He sleeps on a leaf
And he also takes away the desire
To sleep very blissfully
Among the grass of a beautiful meadow

He goes to sleep, but how strange
With a dream in his hand
With a dream never dreamed of
When Betto is asleep

Betto sleeps and no one knows
Whoever will wake him up

But the evening came
And the day is over!
Betto sleeps and maybe it's better
Then seeing him always awake!