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Arrow is the son of Cupid and an unknown doe, the nephew of Blitzen, Comet, Dasher and Mitzi, the cousin and rival of Rudolph, the ex-boyfriend of Zoey and is the secondary antagonist of the 1998 film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie.

He is voiced by Christopher Gray as a child and Matt Hill as a teenager.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie[]

Arrow first appears in the film as a yearling buck at school alongside Rudolph, a young doe named Zoey and many other young bucks and does in Mrs. Prancer's class where they are discussing Flyers (the nickname given to the reindeer who pull Santa Claus's sleigh) where Arrow says that his father Cupid told him that he was born to be a flyer just like him. But when Rudolph says he would like to be a flyer too, Arrow tells him "Not with that nose" then he and the other reindeer (except Zoey and Mrs. Prancer) laugh at Rudolph causing him to leave the school in tears.

He is later seen on Christmas Eve with a larger doe (probably his mother) watching Santa and the Flyers take off before catching Rudolph and Zoey together under a mistletoe. Zoey tells Arrow that she and Rudolph where just talking though Arrow says it looked more like kissing to him. Zoey then tells him there's no need to be jealous as she and Rudolph are just friends. Arrow denies being jealous of "Ruddy the Red-Nosed Reject", before telling Zoey to come with him and calls Rudolph a loser as he leaves.

Arrow is then seen years later as a teenager preparing to take part in the Junior Reindeer Games (where the winner is sometimes picked by Santa to become a flyer) event, The Sleigh Race along with Rudolph and Zoey (now Arrow's doefriend). At the start line for the Sleigh Race, Arrow notices that Rudolph is wearing Zoey's pendant (which she gave to him for good luck) and reminds him that she is his doe to which Rudolph replies to him that Zoey isn't a trophy and shouldn't be treated like one. During the race Arrow (determined to be chosen to be a flyer) cheats by knocking some of the other reindeer competitors and their elf riders off course and eventually comes neck to neck with Rudolph and tries to distract him by saying that Zoey is only nice to him because she feels sorry for him, but Rudolph doesn't believe Arrow who says Zoey told him so. Angry at these taunts Rudolph's nose lights up and blinds Arrow causing him to crash before the other competitors crash into him. Rudolph and his rider Doggle cross the finish line first but the referee disqualifies Rudolph believing that his nose lighting up and causing the crash as cheating before making Arrow winner by default much to the dismay of Rudolph parents Blitzen and Mitzi and Zoey. Zoey then confronts Arrow for cheating to which he replies "So what? The point is I won and Santa's going to notices me". Zoey tells Arrow that he's no Flyer and says that Flyers are brave and they have character and true hearts like Rudolph. But when Arrow points out that Rudolph's got a red nose (which in his opinion makes Rudolph unworthy to be a Flyer), Zoey calls him shallow and ends their relationship.

He appears briefly in a nightmare Rudolph has after he runs away from home.

Arrow is last seen standing next to Zoey and her parents singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer after Rudolph along with Santa and the other flyers return from travelling through Stormella's storm to deliver gifts to children all around the world. This shows that Arrow has ended his rivalry with his cousin and respects him now.


As a yearling, Arrow had light gold fur with spiky blonde hair, black tipped ears and brown eyes with dark circles around them. Now as a teenager, Arrow looks the same except he now has light brown fur and has short antlers.