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  • August 2000 (Completed)
  • November 1, 2000 (Release)
  • October 26, 2004 (Reissue)


Baby Santa the Reindeer(Host)


  • Traditional
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • George Frideric Handel




  • Holiday Classics, Baby Santa CD: 2000, 2003, 2005
  • Baby Santa's Christmas Joy
  • Baby's Holiday Symphony



Baby Shakespeare


World Animals

Baby Santa's Music Box, also more commonly known as simply Baby Santa, is the 6th Baby Einstein video in the series to be released. It is the only Christmas video from Baby Einstein and the third music episode from the series, and the first one not based on a composer who originally wrote the music, it instead focuses on music you can hear during the holiday season, and was released on November 1, 2000, just in time for the holiday season. The DVD was later released in late 2001. It was last re-released sometime in Late-2004, with some alterations. It includes traditional Christmas music classical Christmas music. The visuals include nature, Christmas ornaments, and funny puppet shows. It also has a counterpart CD, Holiday Classics (later re-named Baby Santa and a counterpart book Baby Santa's Christmas Joy including a shortened version of the Holiday Classics CD). Baby Santa's Christmas Joy was later replaced with Baby Santa's Very Merry Christmas.

Video Guide[]


  • Flights of Fancy: Destination Earth flies across the screen (in white) (replaced by 8-1/2-Inch Lighted Waving Santa in Plane (in white) in 2004)
  • Jingle Bells, Traditional (Short Version): Opening titles (different in 2004)
  • Morris Moose pops out of a Felt Stocking and sings a note in front of a black backdrop

The Dreidel Song[]

  • The Dreidel Song, Traditional: Baby Santa the Reindeer pops out of a box with some Silver Streamers (in white) (redone in 2004), Dancing Claus Couple (in black) (replaced by Snowmen #955109 & #955125 (in black) in 2004), Santa closes Baby Santa back in the box (in white) (redone in 2004)
  • Penguin watches Tin Wind-Up Drumming Soldier (in white) (replaced by Morris Moose watching Woodsman Troll Nutcracker (in white) in 2004)
  • Deck the Halls, Traditional: Shelby slowly pops up and hangs an ornament on the Metal Christmas Tree in green, Snow Gift Garland, Scandinavian Reindeer Ornament (in black) (replaced by Spun Glass Plane Ornament (in black) in 2004), Elijah watches Hanging Snowflake Swirl Decorations (in blue), Bard the Dragon rides a Wooden Christmas Rocking Horse (in black), Snowman Ornament (in black) (replaced by Mosaic Ball (in black) in 2004), Sierra hangs an ornament on the Christmas Tree Ornament Holder which already has the the Elf Ball Ornament, Dinosaur Ornament, and Red, Yellow, and Green Mini Disco Ball Ornaments on it (in white)

Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella[]

  • Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella, France: Walrus hangs a bow on the top of the Christmas tree (in white), Baby Santa pops out of a box (in white) (redone in 2004), stock footage of kids playing in snow, Shelby spinning (in blue), stock footage of a boy making a snow angel, Santa closes Baby Santa back in his box (in white) (redone in 2004)
  • Sarika watches the Holiday Express in green (replaced by North Pole Animated Train with Track (in black) in 2004)
  • Joy to the World, Traditional: Disco Ball Ornament, polar bear, another polar bear, stock footage of girls dancing, Chris Mouse Tree Topper (in black) (replaced by Season Squeaking Ornament (in black) in 2004), otter, girl dancing
  • Baby Santa decorates a gingerbread man (in white) (remake in 2004)

The 12 Days of Christmas[]

  • The 12 Days of Christmas, Traditional: Baby Santa pops out of box with Gold Streamers (in white) (remake in 2004), Spun Glass Bird In Nest (in black) (replaced by Frost Chickadee Ornament (in black) in 2004), Rudy goes back in box (in white) (remake in 2004)
  • Gingerbread House Stop Motion (Video credit: Energy Film Library/Getty Images)
  • Jingle Bells, Traditional (Long Version): Jaelyn in a box, horses pulling Santa, Elijah talks to Baby Santa while wearing Reindeer Headband (in black) (replaced by Skyler talking to Baby Santa while wearing Reindeer Headband with Fuzzy Snowflakes in the background (in black)), Twinkling Lit Trees with Twinkling Lit Shrubs and Frosty Light Trees, Chubby Cheers Ornament (in black) (replaced by Purple Paradise (in black) in 2004), Sarika shaking Sparkling Pom Poms (in white), United We Stand Ornament (replaced by Acrylic Snowflake Ornament (in black) in 2004), dogs
  • Loading the Sleigh

Oshogatsu (The New Year)[]

  • Oshogatsu (The New Year), Japan: Baby Santa pops out of a box (in white), Japanese Mobile (in black), Santa closes Baby Santa back in (in white)
  • Misty Mouse finds Mice in Box Puppet and runs away (in black)
  • German Dance No. 3 In C Major, K. 605, "Sleigh Ride", Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Purple Mosaic Teardrop Ornament (in black), Snowflake Ball Ornament (in black), Star Reflector Ornament (in black), Golden Scarlet Maple Leaf Ornament (in black), emperor penguin, stock footage of kids sledding, reindeer flock, bird in snow, Kyle plays with Polar Bear puppet (in blue), Flights of Fancy: Santa Drops, Busy Bouncers: Yuletide Jump (in black) (replaced by repeat of first part of clip of Flights of Fancy: Santa Drops (in black) 2004), Flights of Fancy: Santa Drops (in black), Light-Up Christmas Tree (in black)
  • Pony Ride, Bill Weisbach: Sierra and Aspen ride Stick Horseys (in blue)

Snowbird on the Ashbank[]

  • Snowbird on the Ashbank, Appalachia: Baby Santa pops out of a box with Gold Streamers (in white) (redone in 2004), Dueling Banjo Snowmen (in black in 2000-2003 and in white in 2004), Santa closes Baby Santa back in his box (in white) (remake in 2004)
  • Elijah watches The Carousel (replaced by Sophia watching Square-O-Sel in 2004)
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Traditional: rabbit twitching nose (in black), dog panting (in black), Gold Windmill (replaced by Blue Windmill in 2004), Maddison kisses her baby Macrae who is wearing a Mistletoe Headband (in blue), Aspen and Sierra rub noses (in white), waving snowman, Milly the Cow puppet finds Cud Cow in a box (in black), dog (in white)
  • Baby Santa hits bells (in black) (remake in 2004)

The Wexford Carol[]

  • The Wexford Carol, Celtic: Baby Santa pops out of box with Silver Streamers (in white) (redone in 2004), Glass Poinsettia Ornament (in black) (replaced by Glass Snowflake (in black) in 2004), Frosted Reindeer Ornament (in black) (replaced by Glass Reindeer Ornament in 2004), ABC Blocks Ornament (in black) (replaced by 3 Blocks on a String (in black) in 2004), Santa closes Baby Santa back into a box (in white) (remake in 2004)
  • Dillard's Dancing Bear Theme, Weisbach: Dillard's Dancing Bear (in white) (replaced by Bryn Brown Bear Puppet (in white) in 2004)
  • The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Trepak (Russian Dance), Tchaikovsky: Gabrielle, John, William, Shelby, Aspen and Sierra hop around in green (replaced by Candy Train Ornament in the first shot (in black), The Rose in the second shot (in black), in 2004), Penguin (in a dual role) finds a Styrofoam snowman, Gabrielle, John, William, Shelby, and Aspen dance in a circle in a clockwise direction in green (replaced by Red White Swirl Ornament (in black) in 2004), Walrus and Rudy dance (in black), Misty and Bard (in black), Megan in a box near the Sugar Cone Ornaments and Santa Pinecone Ornament (in black)
  • The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Tea (Chinese Dance), Tchaikovsky: Penguin Cone Puppet dancing in front of a bare winter tree set (in black)
  • Holly Jolly Rocking Santa (in black) (replaced by Rockin' Rollers Santa Skier (in black) in 2004)

Oh, Hanukkah[]

  • Oh, Hanukkah, Traditional: Baby Santa pops out of a box (in white) (remake in 2004), Christmas kaleidoscope patterns, Baby Santa is closed back in (in white) (redone in 2004)
  • Polar Bear finds himself in a pile of ornaments (in black)


  • Silent Night, Traditional: Sierra catches snowflakes (in black), emperor penguin and her baby, Snow Gift Garland, Jaelyn catches snowflakes in green, harp seal pup, Set of 3 Dazzling Drops Ornaments, Santa shushes camera, Macrae plays with Snowflake Ornament, icicles, snow monkey in water, baby emperor penguin, adult harp seal goes to sleep, polar bear goes to sleep
  • Messiah, HWV 56, Hallelujah Chorus, Handel: Credit, Jaelyn in a box (in blue), credit, Elijah with tinsel (in blue), credit, Aspen and Sierra (in blue), credit, Kyle and wrapping paper (in blue), credit, Aspen, Sierra with Terry Ducky, John, Maddison, and Kyle (in blue), credit, William under snow (in blue) (replaced by Baby Santa (in white) in 2004), credit, Sarika watching Snowman Rotating Snow Globe (in blue) (replaced by Ava watching Glacier Park Water Globe (in blue) in 2004), credit, Maddison putting on socks (in blue), Shelby finds Beanie Babies: Fuzz (in blue), Megan laughing (in blue), credit
  • John, Gabrielle, Aspen and Sierra pop out of a staged gift box and shout "Happy Holidays!" (in blue).


Job Employee
Creator Julie Aigner-Clark
Video Producers Mark Burr
Sound design Bill Weisbach
The Players Tom Nazziola

Bill Weisbach

Clive Smith

Aaron Drake

Sam Bardfield

Puppeteer Markie Scholz
Kids Aspen Clark

Sierra Clark

Gabrielle Margas

John Margas

Elijah Ellis (does not speak)

Shelby Gary (does not speak)

Megan de Guzman (does not speak)

Macrae Long (does not speak)

Maddison Long (does not speak)

Sarika Mehta (does not speak)

Kyle Mock (does not speak)

Jaelyn Montgomery (does not speak)

William Stafford (does not speak)

Sophia Squires (2004) (does not speak)

Skyler Hutcheon (2004) (does not speak)

Ava E. Roberts (2004) (does not speak)


  • Morris Moose (last appearance)
  • Baby Santa the Reindeer (Host) (first appearance)
  • Penguin (first appearance)
  • Bard the Dragon (third appearance)
  • Walrus (first appearance)
  • Misty Mouse (second appearance)
  • Polar Bear (first appearance)
  • Cud Cow (second appearance)



  • Aspen Clark (wearing a red dress over red white shirt with elves maroon overalls, candy cane striped sweatshirt with Santa hat/red and white stripe sweater and blue pants and a red sweatshirt) (seventh appearance)
  • Sierra Clark (wearing a white sweater with green overalls/red and white stripe sweater with Santa hat and blue pants, a red strawberry hat, a light blue shirt with blue overalls and a red sweatshirt) (seventh appearance)
  • Elijah Ellis (wearing a blue sweatshirt and beanie white sweatshirt and antlers and Santa hat) (does not speak) (only appearance)
  • Shelby Gary (wearing a red dress over white shirt and red overalls, a red sweatshirt, green pants and green socks) (does not speak) (only appearance)
  • Megan de Guzman (wearing a red dress and a white sweatshirt) (does not speak) (only appearance)
  • Macrae Long (wearing a white T-shirt, tan pants, and red onesie) (does not speak) (third appearance)
  • Maddison Long (wearing a white sweatshirt and red pigtails, a Santa hat, a red shirt red pants and red and green socks) (does not speak) (last appearance)
  • John Margas (wearing a green sweatshirt and brown shorts, a white sweatshirt and Santa hat) (last appearance)
  • Gabrielle Margas (wearing a red dress over white shirt and red overalls) (last appearance)
  • Sarika Mehta (wearing a red jacket and black dress) (does not speak) (only appearance)
  • Kyle Mock (wearing a red and black and white sweater and a red sweater) (does not speak) (only appearance)
  • Jaelyn Montgomery (wearing a red sweatshirt and red dress) (does not speak) (only appearance)
  • William Stafford (wearing a white shirt, black pants, white shoes and a red shirt with a red, blue and yellow hat) (does not speak) (only appearance)


  • Skyler Hutcheon (wearing a white shirt and red overalls) (does not speak) (second appearance)
  • Sophia Squires (wearing a red shirt) (does not speak) (second appearance)
  • Ava E. Roberts (wearing a red sweatshirt) (does not speak) (only appearance)


  • Markie Scholz
  • David Privett (2004)


  • Artisan Home Entertainment/Family Home Entertainment/F.H.E Kids (2000-2001)
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (2002-2004)


  • This is the only Christmas themed episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Baby Santa the Reindeer, Penguin, Walrus, and Polar Bear who never returned until Meet The Orchestra and Baby Noah (2009).
  • In the first puppet show, when Baby Santa finds a bare gingerbread man and gasps, Vincent's voice is heard instead. This is the clip used when he falls in love with Vivian Van Goat in the previous video, so his voice was merely recycled for the reindeer.
  • This is the last appearance of Morris Moose, with the exception of World of Colors where his footage was used again.
  • This is the only appearances of Shelby, Elijah, Sarika, Jaelyn, Kyle, and Megan.
  • This is the last appearances of Maddison, John, Gabrielle and Morris (footage of them was later reused in Discovery Kits).
  • Milly the Cow Puppet was seen earlier in Baby Mozart.
  • Despite her credit in the video, Markie Scholz was absent in the video production, as she already made the puppet shows before the video was being made. The puppet shows added later in the video afterwards.
  • It is the first BE video since Baby Mozart to feature music from Mozart, including the Three German Dances composition in C major. It is also the second video to have classical music from Fantasia, the first was Baby Bach.
  • In some foreign dubs of this video, the part where the kids pop out of the gift box and say "Happy Holidays!" was omitted.
    • The 2003 release and some foreign dub versions also have the part with the Flights of Fancy zooming across the FBI Warning Screen was omitted as well.
  • This is the first video to have classical music by Handel.
  • Snowbird on the Ashbank was later reused in Baby MacDonald.
  • The VHS does not have an inside in the box print until 2003.
  • The DVD does not have a toy chest in the Bonus Features until 2004.
  • This was the last video to be released in the 20th century.
  • The penguin family stock footage in this episode was reused again in Baby Noah.
  • The 2001-2002 DVD Concert Hall has music from the Holiday Classics 2000 CD.
  • The Baby Santa Soundtrack CD enclosed on the 2001/2002 VHS features all the music heard in Baby Santa's Music Box, except Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella. All of the music heard in Holiday Classics, except the 4th Movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony is heard in the Baby Santa's Christmas Joy CD, included in the book. However in the CDs that come with the 2003/2004 VHS tapes, the Sampler CD has the Baby Einstein Theme added in the beginning of the CD, just like every other Sampler CD, and the Holiday Sampler is limited to the following: Jingle Bells, German Dance No. 3 in C Major, K605, "Sleigh Ride" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Russian Dance from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, & Silent Night. The Sampler CD is still enclosed on the rare 2003-2004 VHS Tapes of Baby Santa's Music Box, despite that the 2003 VHS plays the same as 2002, besides the cover.
  • This is the first video to have footage from The Image Bank. (Note: Getty sold Image Bank in September 1999)
  • Most of the puppet shows were reshot in 2004.


  • In the 2004 re-release during the puppet show when Morris Moose watches the Woodsman Troll Nutcracker, the audio is out of sync and does not match up with the puppet clip, and you can also see a visible hand moving the Woodsman Troll Nutcracker.

Discovery Cards[]

  • Bells
  • Icicle
  • Ornament
  • Present
  • Reindeer
  • Santa
  • Snowball
  • Snowflake
  • Snowman
  • Star
  • Stocking
  • Tree
  • Wreath


2000-2004 2004
Flights of Fancy: Destination Earth by Possible Dreams 8-1/2-Inch Lighted Waving Santa in Plane by Kurt Adler
Felt Stocking by Tag Textiles
Morris Moose Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Brown Rudy Reindeer Bath Puppet with Red Nose by Legends & Lore Rudy Reindeer Bath Puppet with Black Nose by Legends & Lore
Silver Streamers (Manufacturer Unknown)
Dancing Claus Couple by Gemmy Industries Snowmen #955109 & #955125 by T.J. Mitchell Company
Paddlin' Penguin Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Tin Wind-Up Drumming Soldier by Off the Wall Toys Woodsman Troll Nutcracker by Kurt Adler
Metal Christmas Tree (Manufacturer Unknown)
Red, Yellow, and Green Mini Disco Ball Ornaments (Manufacturer Unknown)
Snow Gift Garland by Christopher Radko
Scandinavian Reindeer Ornament (Manufacturer Unknown) Spun Glass Plane Ornament by Kurt Adler
Hanging Snowflake Swirl Decorations by Unique
Drizzle/Bard the Dragon Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Wooden Christmas Rocking Horse by Hallmark
Snowman Ornament (Manufacturer Unknown) Mosaic Ball by Raz Imports
Elf Ball Ornament by St Nicks
Dinosaur Ornament (Manufacturer Unknown)
Walrus Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Holiday Express by New Bright North Pole Animated Train with Track by Department 56
Silver Large Disco Ball Ornament by Vickerman
Chris Mouse Tree Topper by Hallmark Season Squeekings Ornament by Christopher Radko
Gold Streamers (Manufacturer Unknown)
Spun Glass Bird In Nest by Silvestri Frost Chickadee Ornament by Department 56
Reindeer Headband by The Great Pretenders Reindeer Headband (Manufacturer Unknown)
Fuzzy Snowflakes by Hobby Lobby
Twinkling Lit Trees by Department 56
Twinkling Lit Shrubs by Department 56
Frosty Light Trees by Department 56
Chubby Cheer Ornament by Christopher Radko Purple Paradise by Inge Glas USA
Sparkling Pom Poms (Manufacturer Unknown)
United We Stand Ornament by Christopher Radko Acrylic Snowflake Ornament by Walmart
Loading the Sleigh by Department 56
Japanese Mobile (Manufacturer Unknown)
Misty Mouse Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Mice in Box Puppet by Folkmanis
Purple Mosaic Teardrop Ornament by Vickerman
Snowflake Ball Ornament (Manufacturer Unknown)
Star Reflector Ornament by Christopher Radko
Golden Scarlet Maple Leaf Ornament by Christopher Radko
Peppin' Polar Bear Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Flights of Fancy: Santa Drops by Possible Dreams
Busy Bouncers: Yuletide Jump by Possible Dreams N/A
Light-Up Christmas Tree by Department 56
Stick Horseys (Manufacturer Unknown)
Dueling Banjo Snowmen by Mr. Christmas
The Carousel by Mr. Christmas Square-O-Sel by Mr. Christmas
Christmas Pyramid by Erzgebirge Windmill by Kurt Adler
Mistletoe Headband by the Great Pretenders
Milly the Cow Puppet by Dakin
Betsy/Cud Cow Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Bells (Manufacturer Unknown)
Glass Poinsettia Ornament (Manufacturer Unknown) Glass Snowflake by Midwest
Frosted Reindeer Ornament (Manufacturer Unknown) Glass Reindeer Ornament by Kurt S. Adler
Easy as ABC Ornament by Christopher Radko 3 Blocks on a String by Aldik
Dillard's Dancing Bear by Gemmy Industries Bryn Brown Bear Puppet by Platte River Trading
N/A Candy Train Ornament by Midwest
The Rose by Mereck Family's Old World Christmas
Red White Swirl Ornament by Direct Export
Sugar Cone Ornament by Inge Glas USA
Santa Pinecone Ornament by Inge Glas USA
Penguin Cone Puppet by Morvaska Ustredna
Holly Jolly Rock Santa by Christmas Fantasy Rockin' Rollers Santa Skier by Department 56
Set of 3 Dazzling Drops Ornaments by Avon
Snowflake Ornament (Manufacturer Unknown)
Terry Ducky by The First Years
Snowman Rotating Snow Globe by San Francisco Music Box Co. Glacier Park Water Globe by Department 56
Beanie Babies: Fuzz by Ty


Video Compositions[]

  1. Jingle Bells, Traditional (Short Version) (Opening Credits)
  2. The Dreidel Song, Traditional (The Dreidel Song)
  3. Deck the Halls, Traditional (The Dreidel Song)
  4. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella, France (Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella)
  5. Joy to the World, Traditional (Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella)
  6. The 12 Days of Christmas, Traditional (The 12 Days of Christmas)
  7. Jingle Bells, Traditional (Long Version) (The 12 Days of Christmas)
  8. Oshogatsu (The New Year), Japan (Oshogatsu (The New Year))
  9. German Dance No. 3 In C Major, K.605, "Sleigh Ride", Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Oshogatsu (The New Year))
  10. Snowbird on the Ashbank, Appalachia (Snowbird on the Ashbank)
  11. We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Traditional (Snowbird on the Ashbank)
  12. The Wexford Carol, Celtic (The Wexford Carol)
  13. The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Trepak (Russian Dance), Tchaikovsky (The Wexford Carol)
  14. The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Tea (Chinese Dance), Tchaikovsky (The Wexford Carol)
  15. Oh, Hanukkah, Traditional (Oh, Hanukkah)
  16. Silent Night, Traditional (Finale)
  17. Messiah, HWV 56, Hallelujah Chorus, Handel (Closing Credits)

Bonus Compositions (Holiday Classics CD and Concert Hall with Holiday Music Festival and Holiday Concert for Little Ears)[]

  1. Cassation In G Major, "Toy Symphony", K. 63, 1st Movement, Leopold Mozart (found on the 2003-2004 DVD menu)
  2. Joy to the World (Reggae Style)
  3. Jingle Bells (Samba Style)
  4. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming, Germany
  5. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (African Pop Style)
  6. The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Tchaikovsky
  7. The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Coffee (Arabian Dance), Tchaikovsky
  8. The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Dance of the Reed Pipes, Tchaikovsky
  9. The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a, Waltz of the Flowers, Tchaikovsky


Baby Santa's Music Box/Gallery Template:BE VideosTemplate:Toys in Baby Santa's Music Box

Toys in Baby Santa's Music Box
Original : Flights of Fancy: Destination Earth, Green Stocking, Streamers, Dancing Claus Couple, Tin Wind-Up Drumming Soldier, Metal Christmas Tree, Mini Disco Ball Ornament, Elf Ball Ornament, Dinosaur Ornament, Snow Gift Garland, Scandinavian Reindeer Ornament, Hanging Snowflake Swirl Decorations, Wooden Christmas Rocking Horse, Snowman Ornament, Holiday Express, Large Disco Ball Ornament, Chris Mouse Tree Topper, Spun Glass Bird In Nest, Reindeer Headband, Twinkling Lit Trees, Twinkling Lit Shrubs, Frosty Light Trees, Snowman Holding Gifts Ornament, Sparkling Pom Poms, United We Stand Ornament, Loading the Sleigh, Japanese Mobile, Mice in a Box Puppet, Mosaic Teardrop Ornament, Snowflake Ball Ornament, Star Reflector Ornament, Golden Scarlet Maple Leaf Ornament, Flights of Fancy: Santa Drops, Busy Bouncers: Yuletide Jump, Twinkle Brite Tree, Stick Horse, Dueling Banjo Snowmen, Holiday Carousel, Erzgebirge Christmas Pyramid Windmill, Mistletoe Headband, Cow Puppet, Bells, Glass Poinsettia Ornament, Frosted Reindeer Ornament, ABC Blocks Ornament, Dillard's Dancing Bear, Sugar Cone Ornament, Santa Pinecone Ornament, Penguin Cone Puppet, Holly Jolly Rocking Santa, Kaleidoscope, Set of 3 Dazzling Drops Ornaments, Snowflake Ornament, Terry Ducky, Snowman Rotating Snow Globe, Beanie Babies Fuzz

Introduced in 2004 : Santa in Plane, Snowman, Woodsman Troll Nutcracker, Spun Glass Plane Ornament, Mosaic Ball, North Pole Animated Train with Track, Season Squeekings, Frost Chickadee Ornament, Fuzzy Snowflake, Purple Paradise, Acrylic Snowflake Ornament, Square-O-Sel, Blue Tower Windmill, Glass Snowflake, Glass Reindeer Ornament, 3 Blocks on a String, Bryn Brown Bear Puppet, Candy Train, Rose Ornament, Red White Swirl Ornament, Rockin Rollers Santa Skiers, Glacier Park Water Globe