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  • October 1998 (Completed)
  • December 7, 1998 (Release)
  • October 26, 2004 (Reissue)


Vincent Van Goat (Host)


  • Bill Weisbach
  • Erik Satie
  • Georges Bizet
  • Gioachino Rossini
  • Modest Mussorgsky
  • Johann Strauss, Jr.
  • Maurice Ravel
  • Jacques Offenbach
  • Johannes Brahms
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky




  • Art Time Classics
  • Baby Van Gogh (book)
  • Van Gogh’s World Of Color
  • The ABCs of Art



Baby Bach


Baby Shakespeare

Baby Van Gogh is the 4th video to be released in the Baby Einstein series. It is both the first art and colors/shapes video from the series. Its counterpart CD is Art Time Classics. It teaches your child about art in six colors, yellow, green, orange, purple, red, and blue. It was released in a 'special' pack including the VHS and the book. It was later re-released sometime in 2004, with some alterations. The video is one of the companion pieces to Baby da Vinci and Baby Monet, the videos that revolve around art and Baby Newton, a video that teaches shapes.

Video Guide[]


  • Cactus Cha-Cha, Weisbach: Carlos the Dancing Cactus (in black)
  • Trois Gymnopédies No. 1, Lent Et Douloruex, Satie: Opening Titles
  • Fake VCR/VHS static appears, (before the part where you cannot see what's going on during crashing noises) Vincent Van Goat walks up to the camera and is covered in paint. Then, he proceeds to write the letter V on the palette in the background, turns around, spits out his paintbrush, grunts in frustration, and walks away. (in white)
  • Carmen Suite No. 1, Les Toreadors, Bizet: raindrops, strawberries in water, flamingos, chicks, red, yellow, and white flowers, pink flower blooming, colorful paint, hot air balloons, purple tunnel (could either be a whirlpool or a vortex), clouds, fall trees, macaw, butterflies, bumblebee on a purple flower, purple flowers blooming, green hill, yellow leaves


  • Leaves reveal the word "yellow" (in white).
  • FIRST POEM (When yellow sneaks into my day, I race outside to jump and play; I twirl around for dizzy fun, and spin under the yellow sun): Duck spins around in circles while making noises.
  • William Tell Overture, "Lone Ranger", Finale, Rossini: Vincent is cleaned up and prepares to paint, Wind-Up Fuzzy Chicks (in black), sunflowers, food coloring (in white), Sierra smells flowers (in white), Baby's First Car (in black), Vincent continues painting, Acrobats (in black), Puppy Pull Toy (in black), Teddy Mobile zoomed in (in black), Aspen and Mia throw Easter Plastic Grass at each other (in white), food coloring (in white) again, Blacklight Mind Bender Blurz (in black) in 2 different angles, Gearation, Vincent finishes the painting of Wheat Fields with Reaper at Sunrise and throws his paintbrush down in satisfaction (same scene)
  • Sierra Clark's Yellow Theme, Weisbach: Sierra licks lemon halves with her tongue, with her briefly saying in a sweet tone, "Yellow." (different background in 2004)
  • Bug Dance, Weisbach: Inchworm Finger Puppets (in black) (replaced by Shufflebugs Finger Puppets (in black) in 2004)


  • Auto Shape Sorter's Theme, Weisbach: Auto Shape Sorter (in black)
  • Bonkers the Frog plays with green balloons, but when Vincent shows up, he runs away. Then the balloons pop one by one, much to his surprise, revealing the word "green". (in black)
  • SECOND POEM (Green slithers in to make me cool, I'm floating in a still wet pool with butterflies that dart and pass, surrounded by the glistening grass): Bonkers wears a pool float, and sunglasses as Butterfly Garland Multicolor surround him
  • Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade I, Mussorgsky: Vincent starts painting, frog, Creeping Caterpillar (in black), Madeline puts Easter Plastic Grass on her head stares at the camera for a few seconds and shakes it off her head (in white), Green Glo Oozy Lamp, Vincent continues painting, Happy Color Musical Toy (in black), Macrae wears Duckbill Headband behind the Daisy Pinwheel (in black), Green Alien Orbiter (in black), Vincent finishes painting of Lane in the Public Gardens and drops his paintbrush in the paint can, and walks away (same scene)
  • Brad stacks Bag O' Blocks and shouts "Green!"
  • Bug Finger Puppets: Fly (in black) (replaced by Shufflebugs Finger Puppet (in black) in 2004)


  • Jester-in-the-Box (in white)
  • Baby Bach the Bunny finds himself (in a dual role) in the Magic Hat. They both leave and the word "orange" appears. (in white)
  • THIRD POEM (I'm orange and happy, brilliant, bright! My spirit's soaring like a kite! I cartwheel through leaves of fall, they're crunchy orange, they're big and small): Baby Bach plays in leaves
  • On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314, Strauss, Jr.: Vincent starts dancing, Gabriel, Aspen, and Brad rock back and forth, Vincent starts painting, Gabriel, Aspen, and Brad continue rocking, Benny the Butterfly (in white) (replaced by Hot Bungees Plush Monkey (in white) in 2004), Vincent continues painting, Brandon wears a Headband Hat and plays Giraffe Cone Puppet (in white), Red-Orange Lava Lamp (in black), Brandon and Huggy Buggy Car (in white), sunset, food coloring (in white), clownfishes, Blacklight Mind Bender Blurz (in black), Vincent finishes painting of Fifteen Sunflowers in a Vase and signs his name
  • Gabriel, Aspen, and Brad each shout "Orange!"
  • Bug Finger Puppets: Mosquito (in black) (replaced by Shufflebugs Finger Puppet (in black) in 2004)


  • Level 4 Ramp Racer (in black) (replaced by Deluxe F1 Level 5 Ramp Racer (in white) in 5 different angles in 2004)
  • Vincent is seen sniffing purple flowers, until he falls in love with Vivian Van Goat. He picks flowers for her, she takes them, and Vincent kisses her on the cheek, and they leave to reveal the word "purple".
  • FOURTH POEM (Purple feels wacky, wild, crazy, tricky, mellow, and mild; it makes me want to paint my face, and kick a ball, and run a race): Vivian is hit by a Purple Gertie 9" Ball
  • Boléro, Ravel: Vincent starts painting, Butterfly Crystalites (in black), Purple Sand Picture, Dream Tour Lamp (in white), Magma Lite Lamp: Midnight Oil (in black) (replaced by Fiber Optic Butterfly (in black) in 2004), Vincent continues painting, Mia and Sierra catch bubbles while wearing Butterfly Headbands, The Wave Machine with Purple and Green, Purple Doodletop (in white), Vincent stops painting Orchards in Blossom, View of Arles, and Duck quacks twice and completes it.
  • Aspen, wearing a princess costume and princess cone, says "Purple."
  • Bug Dance, Weisbach: Inchworm Finger Puppets (in black) (replaced by Shufflebugs Finger Puppets (in black) in 2004)


  • Funny Train (in black) in 3 different angles
  • Morris Moose dresses as a superhero and drops in with a cape, and drags in the word "red". (in white)
  • FIFTH POEM (When I wake up feeling red, I swoop down from my little bed, throw on a cape, rush out the door, and leap across the scarlet floor): Morris leaps across the screen as a superhero with a cape on in his bedroom
  • Gaîté Parisienne, Vivo, Offenbach: Vincent starts dancing, Grand Prix (in white) in 4 different angles, Morris in a triple role (in white), Spiral Comets (in black) (replaced by Gemini Kinetic with added Hi-Bounce Balls: Swirls and Hi-Bounce Balls: Hot Rainbow (in black) in 2004), 32 Figures Flashing UFO (in white) (replaced by Magic Laser Pull-A-String Spinner (in white) in 2004), Morris in a triple role and at least one Morris looks around. (in white)
  • Vincent sighs upon his incomplete painting of Fishing Boats on the Beach, and hears a timpani noise and Vincent yawns feeling tired, turns off the light and leaves and has to go to bed. Duck returns to turn it on and finish the painting.
  • Maddison looks at the Girl Cone Puppet and the Cone Puppet say "Red!"
  • Bug Finger Puppets: Fly (in black) (replaced by Shufflebugs Finger Puppet (in black) in 2004)


  • Voice-Controlled Euro Train (in white) in 3 different angles
  • Misty Mouse finds blue in all the Paint Buckets. Music Video (Hickory Dickory Dock): And the word "blue" appears (in white)
  • SIXTH AND FINAL POEM (If my feelings turn to blue, I toss some happy in my stew, and slurp it up without a spoon, and gaze out at the milky moon): Misty pours sprinkles into a Blue Liquid Bowl and looks at the moon.
  • Wiegnlied, Op. 49, No. 4, Guten Abend, Gute Nacht, Brahms: Vincent starts painting, Seagull Balance Toy (in black), Blue Color Maze Liquid Timer (in white), Brad and Gabriel get balloons dropped on the umbrella, Teardrop Jewel (in black), Kinetic Rocking Dolphins (in white), Vincent continues painting, Whale Motion Wave (in white), Brad and Huggy Buggy Car, Whale Motion Wave (in white), sunset, Vincent finishes The Starry Night. Brad ends the show by saying "Blue." (same scene)


  • Pictures at an Exhibition, The Great Gate of Kiev, Mussorgsky: penguin with sunrise, rainbow, starfish, flowers blooming, peacock, moth pollinating, flowers, cactus by sunset
  • 1812 Overture In E-Flat Major, Op. 49, 5th Movement, Tchaikovsky: Closing Credits, Each credit has a child from the video behind the scenes after it (blue and green screen shots), then all the puppets bowing (minus Vincent) along with Max Lamb (in black), and then finally, Markie Scholz with Vincent and Duck (in green) (not shown in 2004)
  • Symphony Sounds Music Pals: Dragon (in black) (omitted in the 2000-2001 DVD, then reinstated in 2002).

Discovery Cards[]

  • Yellow (Wheat Fields with Reaper at Sunrise)
  • Green (Lane in the Public Gardens)
  • Orange (Fifteen Sunflowers in a Vase)
  • Purple (Orchards in Blossom, View of Arles)
  • Red (Fishing Boats on the Beach)
  • Blue (The Starry Night)


Job Employee
Creator Julie Aigner-Clark
Video Producers Bill Clark

Mark Burr

Illustrator Helen Ulan
Sound Design Bill Weisbach
The Players Bill Weisbach

Clive Smith

Tom Nazziola

Music Erik Satie

Georges Bizet

Gioachino Rossini

Modest Mussorgsky

Johann Strauss, Jr.

Maurice Ravel

Jacques Offenbach

Johannes Brahms

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Poems Julie Aigner-Clark
Puppeteer Markie Scholz
Kids Aspen Clark

Brad Boller

Gabriel Mazon

Sierra Clark

Brandon Calbart (does not speak)

Macrae Long (does not speak)

Maddison Long (does not speak)

Madeline Pluto (does not speak)

Mia Mettais (does not speak)


1998-2004 2004
Carlos the Dancing Cactus by Great American Fun
Vincent Van Goat Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Ducky Duck Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Paint Buckets by Crayola
Wind-Up Fuzzy Chicks by Iwaya
Yellow and Orange Food Coloring (Manufacturer Unknown)
Baby's First Car by Ambi Toys
Acrobats by Ambi Toys
Puppy Pull Toy by Brio
Teddy Mobile by Ambi Toys
Yellow and Green Easter Plastic Grass (Manufacturer Unknown)
Blacklight Mind Bender Blruz by AADLP
Gearation by TOMY
Inchworm Finger Puppets by Nancy Carlson/Mary Meyer Shufflebugs Finger Puppets by Manhattan Toy
Auto Shape Sorter by Chicco
Bonkers Frog Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Green Party Balloons by Party City
Butterfly Garland Multicolor by Zibby Zabby
Sunglasses (Manufacturer Unknown)
Creeping Caterpillar by Jimson
Glo Oozy Lamp (Green) by Spencer's Gifts
Happy Color Musical Toy by Chicco
Duckbill Headband by The Great Pretenders
Daisy Pinwheel by Garden Plast
Alien Orbiter (Green) by Uncle Milton
Bag O' Blocks by Ryan's Room
Bug Finger Puppets: Fly by Nancy Carlson/Mary Meyer N/A
Jester-in-the-Box by Schylling
Magic Hat by The Great Pretenders
Baby Bach the Rabbit Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Benny the Butterfly Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore Hot Bungees Plush Monkey by Aurora
Giraffe Cone Puppet by Morvaska Ustredna
Headband Hat by The Great Pretenders
Lava Lamp (Red-Orange) by Lava
Huggy Buggy Cars by Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Co.
Bug Finger Puppets: Mosquito by Nancy Carlson/Mary Meyer N/A
Level 4 Ramp Racer by Maxim Enterprises Deluxe F1 Level 5 Ramp Racer by Maxim Enterprises
Vivian Van Goat Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Gertie 9" Ball (Purple) by Small World Toys
Butterfly Crystalites by White Eagle
Sand Picture (Purple) by Golden Island
Dream Tour Lamp by New Fanciful Industrial Company
Magma Lite Lamp: Midnight Oil by Lava Fiber Optic Butterfly by Spencer's Gifts
Butterfly Headbands by The Great Pretenders
Butterfly Catcher/Blower (Manufacturer Unknown)
The Wave Machine (Purple/Green) by Lava
Doodletop (Purple) by University Games
Princess Hat (Manufacturer Unknown)
Funny Train by DYTOY
Morris Moose Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Grand Prix by Chicco
Spiral Comets by Rabbit Tanaka Gemini Kinetic by Golden Island
Hi-Bounce Balls: Swirls & Hi-Bounce Balls: Hot Rainbow by Ja-Ru
32 Figures Flashing UFO (Manufacturer Unknown) Magic Laser Pull-A-String Spinner by Gealex Toys
Girl Cone Puppet by Morvaska Ustredna
Voice-Controlled Euro Train by Chicco
Misty Mouse Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore
Blue Liquid Bowl (Manufacturer Unknown)
Seagull Balance Toy by Ishiguro
Color Maze Liquid Timer (Blue) by Carlisle
Black Umbrella (Manufacturer Unknown)
Light Blue Balloons by Party City
Teardrop Jewel (Manufacturer Unknown)
Kinetic Rocking Dolphins by Carlisle
Whale Motion Wave by Carlisle
Max Lamb Bath Puppet by Legends & Lore

Symphony Sounds Music Pals: Dragon by Equity Marketing


  • Vincent Van Goat (Host) (played by Markie Scholz) (only appearance)
  • Duck (L&L) (played by Markie Scholz) (first appearance)
  • Bonkers the Frog (played by Markie Scholz) (only appearance)
  • Baby Bach the Bunny (played by Markie Scholz) (first appearance)
  • Benny the Butterfly (2000-2003 DVD only) (played by Markie Scholz) (only appearance)
  • Vivian Van Goat (played by Markie Scholz) (only appearance)
  • Morris Moose (played by Markie Scholz) (first appearance)
  • Misty Mouse (played by Markie Scholz) (first appearance)
  • Max Lamb (played by Markie Scholz) (only appearance)


  • Aspen Clark (wearing a yellow tank top with black polkadot leggings, orange and purple shirts and black pants and purple socks and a princess dress and hat) (fifth appearance)
  • Brad Boller (wearing a green, orange and blue T-shirts) (only appearance)
  • Brandon Calbart (wearing a red cap, orange and red T-shirts) (does not speak) (only appearance)
  • Gabriel Mazon (wearing an orange and blue jacket and khaki pants) (only appearance)
  • Macrae Long (wearing a green button shirt and duck hat) (does not speak) (first appearance)
  • Maddison Long (wearing a red T-shirt) (does not speak) (first appearance)
  • Madeline Pluto (wearing a green tank top) (does not speak) (last appearance)
  • Mia Mettais (wearing a yellow and white striped T-shirt, yellow skirt, purple shirt and butterfly hat) (does not speak) (first appearance)
  • Sierra Clark (wearing a yellow tank top, pink pigtails, purple shirt, butterfly hat and a pink sweatshirt) (fifth appearance)


  • Markie Scholz (wearing a black shirt) (last appearance)


Video Compositions[]

  1. Cactus Cha-Cha, Weisbach (Dancing Cactuses)
  2. Trois Gymnopédies, No. 1, Satie (Opening Credits)
  3. Carmen Suite No. 1, IV. March of the Toreadors, Bizet (Overture)
  4. William Tell Overture, IV. Finale: March of the Swiss Soldiers, Rossini (Yellow)
  5. Pictures at an Exhibition, I. Promenade, Mussorgsky (Green)
  6. Waltz, On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314, Strauss, Jr. (Orange)
  7. Boléro, Ravel (Purple)
  8. Gaîté Parisienne, Vivo, Offenbach (Red)
  9. Five Songs for Piano, Op. 49, No. 4 IV. Lullaby, Brahms (Blue)
  10. Pictures at an Exhibition, X. Great Gate at Kiev, Mussorgsky (Finale)
  11. 1812 Overture in E Flat Major, Op. 49, V. Allegro vivace, Tchaikovsky (Closing Credits)

Bonus Compositions (Art Time Classics CD and Concert Hall)[]

  1. Overture "William Tell", III. Andante "Call to the Cows", Rossini (Gray) (found in Wild Animal Safari)
  2. Gaîté Parisienne, Barcarolle, Offenbach (Pink)
  3. Waltz No. 6 in D Flat Major, Op. 64, No. 1, "Minute Waltz", Chopin (Brown)
  4. Swan Lake, Op. 20a, Act II, No. 13, Dance of the Swans, III. Tempo di Valse, Tchaikovsky (White)
  5. Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade II, Mussorgsky (found in the World of Colors Discovery Kit)
  6. Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46, Morning Mood, Grieg (Tan)
  7. Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg (Indigo) (found in World Animals)
  8. The Tale of Tsar Saltan, Flight of the Bumblebee, Op. 57, Rimsky-Korsakov (found in Neighborhood Animals)
  9. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C Sharp Minor, S. 244/2, Liszt (Black)
  10. Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade III, Mussorgsky
  11. Suite Bergamasque No. 3, "Clair de Lune", L. 75/3, Debussy (found in the Baby Neptune Aquarium Segment and Baby Galileo)

Bonus Composition (2003 DVD Menu)[]

  1. Concerto in D Major for Lute, Two Violins & Basso Continuo, RV 93 (F 12/15, P 209), III. Allegro, Vivaldi


  1. Wheat Fields with Reaper at Sunrise (Yellow)
  2. Lane in the Public Gardens (Green)
  3. Fifteen Sunflowers in a Vase (Orange)
  4. Orchards in Blossom, View of Arles (Purple)
  5. Fishing Boats on the Beach (Red)
  6. The Starry Night (Blue)


Baby Van Gogh/Gallery


Baby Van Gogh/Transcript


  • Aigner-Clark Productions (1998-1999)
  • The Baby Einstein Company (1999-2000)
  • Artisan Entertainment/Family Home Entertainment/F.H.E. Kids (2000-2001)
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (2002-2004)


  • Baby Van Gogh was the first BE video distributed by Family Home Entertainment, who distributed the videos until 2001, after World Animals, when The Baby Einstein Company was acquired by Disney.
  • This is the first BE video to have the Baby Einstein caterpillar logo in its original release.
  • This video was the basis for the World of Colors discovery kit.
  • This is the first BE video to be released in the 2000's decade.
  • This is the first BE video to feature the 2000 Baby Einstein Tutorial promo.
  • This is also the first video to feature music by more than one composer.
  • This is also the first video to feature babies and boys rather than just girls.
  • Several toys here were seen in other videos: rainbow Blacklight Mind Bender Blurz in Baby Shakespeare; the Gearation in Baby Shakespeare and Baby da Vinci; the Alien Orbiter and The Wave Machine in Baby Mozart, as well as the Fiber Optic Butterfly replaced in 2004; the Bag O' Blocks in Numbers Nursery, Baby Shakespeare (2004) and Baby Newton (2004); the Jester-in-the-Box and Giraffe Cone Puppet in World Animals and Meet The Orchestra; the Huggy Buggy Cars in Numbers Nursery, and the Teddy Mobile in Baby Lullaby.
  • Yellow, Green, and Blue are the only colors to feature the same toy scenes from 2000-2003 and 2004.
  • Orange, Purple, and Red are the only colors to feature toy alternations from 2000-2003 and 2004.
  • This is the first appearances of Duck in Legends & Lore form, Baby Bach the Bunny (as a puppet), Morris Moose, and Misty Mouse. This is the only appearances of Vincent Van Goat, Bonkers the Frog, Benny the Butterfly, Vivian Van Goat, and Max Lamb (footage of them was reused in World of Colors, except for Benny).
  • This is the only appearances of Brad, Gabriel, and Brandon (footage of them was reused in Baby's First Sounds and World of Colors). This is the first appearances of Mia, Macrae, and Maddison.
  • This is the last appearance of Madeline.
  • This is the first video to have classical music by Bizet, Rossini, Strauss, Jr., Brahms and Tchaikovsky.
  • This is the only video to have classical music by Satie, Mussorgsky, Ravel and Offenbach.
  • This is the only video to include a toy chest at the end of a VHS release in its original release.
    • This is also the fifth and last video to include a toy chest at the end of a VHS release, the other four being Language Nursery, Baby Mozart, Baby Bach and Baby Shakespeare.
  • This is almost the shortest video ever made.
  • This is the second video where the opening and closing themes are not in C Major or G Major. The opening theme, Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie is in D Major and the closing theme 1812 Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is in E Flat Major before Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade I by Modest Mussorgsky is in B Flat Major during the showing of pictures at the end of the video.
  • This is the only BE video where the letters in the word "baby" in the title logo are in different colors from what they usually are:
    • The first "b" is green instead of red
    • The "a" is bigger and is red instead of yellow
    • The second "b" stays blue
    • The "y" is purple instead of green
  • The 2004 version on the opening titles is the only release that has Baby Mozart the Koala instead of Baby Vivaldi the Mallard.
  • The Concert Hall of the 2002 DVD and some later prints of the 2000 DVD has music from the Art Time Classics 2000 CD, except; Boléro by Maurice Ravel. However Boléro is present on some early prints of the 2000 DVD. Boléro was also omitted in the 2002, UK, Chinese, and some other foreign DVDs. The reason for that was due to the issues regarding copyright; given the piece being composed in 1953. However the piece's copyright expired in 2016. However, the Art Time Classics CD enclosed on the VHS contains Boléro by Maurice Ravel, but not the Baby Van Gogh Soundtrack CD, which is enclosed on the 2001-2002 VHS that features almost all the classical music from the Baby Van Gogh Soundtrack CD, in which the Gymnopédie No. 1 in D Major by Erik Satie isn't on the Art Time Classics 2000 CD or the Baby Van Gogh Audio Sampler CD enclosed on the 2003-2004 VHS, that BabyEinstein12702 is the only enthusiast to have the VHS w/CD. However, some copies of the 2003 VHS come with the Baby Van Gogh Soundtrack CD because the 2003 VHS is the same as 2002, besides the cover.
  • Baby Van Gogh was originally going to have the sections about the colors Gray, Pink, Brown, White, Tan, Indigo, and Black on the Art Time Classics 2000 CD, but they were removed because Julie think the video might be way too long.
  • In some foreign releases, the kids behind the scenes in the credits were removed.
  • Vincent is the first character to talk. At the end of the Yellow Music Video, he's heard saying "Oui!" (Which is French for "Yes!"), "Ooh la la!" when he saw Vivian in the Purple Puppet Show, and in the Purple Music Video, "Merci beaucoup!" (French for "Thank you very much!"), implying that he may be French. (Even though the real Vincent Van Gogh was Dutch.)
  • The video's toy chest included an image of Vincent behind the paint buckets (the same ones in the "Blue" introduction). It's possible that this could have been a deleted scene in the video, however many speculate it was made just for the toy chest.
  • The 2004 DVD release removes Markie's in-credits scene, as well as Julie Clark's credit for the color poems. The name chyrons for the children are also missing for an unknown reason just like Baby Shakespeare.
  • According to a TED talk in 2011, Julie Clark confirmed that Baby Van Gogh was her favorite Baby Einstein video she worked on. This was evident when she showed clips of the video (mainly opening montage with March of the Toreadors and a shortened version of the Yellow music video; William Tell Overture: March of the Swiss Soldiers) when she's doing other public speaking events about entrepreneurship.​[1]
  • All the composers in this video are from the Romantic era.


  • There's a green screen error in the 2000-2003 versions in Baby Van Gogh in Vincent's Paint Accident scene. His green spots are gone and the spots become transparent to the actual background. Disney eventually fixed it in 2004 and 2010 Discovery Kit versions. This is one of the few times where Disney fixes a mistake for later releases.
  • Shortly after the 1st green balloon popped, you can carefully see a needle that was used for popping balloons behind Vincent's right ear.
  • In the orange puppet show when Baby Bach the Bunny in a dual role makes his copy magically appear out of the hat, you can briefly see the cord to the explosion device used behind the hat peek out.
  • If you look closely when Vincent Van Goat is finished painting in the Orange segment, you can see a bug crawling up Vincent's back.
  • If you look carefully at the transition from the Deluxe F1 Level 5 Ramp Racer to the purple puppet show in the 2004 version, you can see a little bit of the Level 4 Ramp Racer from its original release.
  • In the "Purple" puppet show where Vincent falls in love with Vivian Van Goat, if you look closely as Vincent says "Ooh la la!" Markie Scholz's head can be visible above the purple bar.
  • At the end of the "Purple" music video, Vincent can be seen trying to make finishing touches to the painting, yet when he turns around, he isn't holding a paintbrush at all.

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Toys in Baby Van Gogh
Original : Carlos the Dancing Cactus, Paintbrush, Yellow Flower Stem, Paint Bucket, Wind-Up Chick, Food Coloring, Baby's First Car, 5 Acrobatics, Puppy Pull, Teddy Mobile, Easter Plastic Grass, Blacklight Mind Bender Blurz, Gearation, Inchworm Finger Puppets, Auto Shape Sorter, Balloons, Sunglasses, Butterfly Garland Multicolor, Creeping Caterpillar, Stardust Lamp (Green), Happy Color Musical Toy, Duckbill Headband, Daisy Pinwheel, Alien Orbiter (Green), Bag O' Blocks, Bug Finger Puppets: Fly, Jester Jack in the Box, Magic Hat, Fall Leaves Pile, Headband Hat, Giraffe Cone Puppet, Lava Lamp: Orange, Huggy Buggy Car, Bug Finger Puppets: Mosquito, Ramp Racer, Gertie 9” Ball (Purple), Butterfly Crystalite, Sand Picture, Dream Tour Lamp, Magma Lite Lamp, Purple Butterfly Headband, Bubble Catcher, The Wave Machine: Purple and Green, Doodletop, Princess Hat, Crazy Train, Grand Prix, Spiral Comets, 32 Figures Flashing UFO, Girl Cone Puppet, Euro Train, Blue Liquid Bowl, Seagull Pendulum Mobile, Color Maze Liquid Timer, Umbrella, Jewel (Blue), Rocking Dolphin Kinetic, Whale Motion Wave, Symphony Sounds Musical Pals: Dragon

Introduced in 2004 : Shufflebug Finger Puppets, Hot Bungees Monkey, Deluxe F1 Level 5 Ramp Racer, Fiber Optic Butterfly, Gemini Kinetic, Hi-Bounce Balls: Swirl, Hi-Bounce Balls: Hot Rainbow, Magic Laser Pull-A-String Spinner